When an adult buys a “Percocet” from a friend of a friend, should anyone be surprised when they die from a lethal overdose ?

This is a very interesting episode of Judge Jeanine on her weekly Saturday night show. Considering that Jeanine is an attorney and former judge… she is bringing on a woman who mid-20’s daughter got some “Percocet” from a friend of a friend because the Daughter had hurt back and the Daughter died, because the “Percocet” contained illegal fentanyl.  Judge Jeanine’s entire episode was about the availability of illegal fentanyl…  Nothing about the Daughter or the friend of a friend was violating the  controlled substance act…  was the friend of a friend a “drug dealer” ? That was 2015 and now this Mother has a non profit with some 23,000 members wanting illegal fentanyl to not get into the country.

In this episode, they seem to be using the word “poisoning” instead of the word “over dose”  I guess that a pt that ends his pain via prescriber induced suicide is of no interest to Fox cable … even when the local Fox TV in Louisville,KY… the only station – out of FOUR – in Louisville did a story when the case was filed and when the case was settled.  Prescriber induced suicide- jury awards a SEVEN MILLION JUDGEMENT

Nor when a CHILD is forced to endure debridement from 3rd degree burns for SIX WEEKS WITHOUT ANY PAIN MANAGEMENT Vanderbilt Burn Center (Nashville) refused to provide the young patient sufficient pain medication for SIX WEEKS


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