Wheel of Justice at CVS’ speed

I recently wrote about a fine that CVS recently paid http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=4631

and this case dates back to 1999 – FOURTEEN YEARS

Then there was this case on age discrimination that started in 2009 http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=4548


Joe Zorek’s whistle blower case in now moving at “CVS LEGAL SPEED ”

Joe’s case started in July 2011 and on Nov 21, 2013… Joe started court order mediation .. after 8 hours of mediation… rumor has it that all parties involved ended up that day with their positions unchanged..

I have been in several mediations over the years… and after 3-4 hrs and all parties have either agreed or agreed to disagree.

Apparently Joe’s mediation case has just begun and apparently there is going to be more mediation.. although TWO WEEKS after the first day of mediation … best information … another day has yet to be scheduled..

Early “word on the street” was that the judge who was appointed to oversee this case… was a no non-sense judge and a tight time table would be adhered to .. get on with the trial and move thru the process without a lot of stall statics

I know… first it was the Federal government shut down… then there was Thanksgiving and the 9 nights of Hanukkah… the 12 days of Christmas… Christmas itself… don’t forget New Years Eve and New Years day.. what is a justice system to do.

I wonder if Martin Luther King’s Federal holiday in January will mess up all of Jan ?

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  1. No show!!!

  2. Steve…did I forget to mention that I have visitors from the PA Department of State coming to my home on Monday Dec. 9 at high noon….this would be from the Bureau of Enforcement and Investigation… I have some good information to share with them and the emails to prove it….so if they cancel I’ll know that they are reading this blog…anyone from Pa that has anything to share with this agency, please feel free to do so and you can do this anonymously. Steve has my contact info. If they by chance cancel you can read it here on Monday….I’m not playing around. I’m ready for this year to end and ready for a very interesting 2014.


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