We bureaucrats are experts on EVERYTHING ?

congressstupidI think that we can put the state of GEORGIA under the NANNY STATE column

It would appear that any non-terminal chronic pain pts in GEORGIA need to be evaluated for addiction…. if they are taking opiates for 90 days or more…  Does that sound like they have determined that anyone taking opiates more than 90 days is a ADDICT …  and has even determined the max cost of such evaluations. Our daughter is a family therapist with a Masters in Psychology and I know they don’t normally do less than one hour sessions and they don’t work for $100/hr.


LC 33 5730
– 1 –
To amend Article 2 of Chapter 34 of Title 43 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated,
relating to medical practice, so as to require Opioid Education and Pro-Active Addiction
Counseling for patients who are prescribed Schedule II or III controlled substances by
physicians for chronic pain for extended periods; to provide for related matters; to provide
for an effective date; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.
Article 2 of Chapter 34 of Title 43 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to
medical practice, is amended by adding a new Code section to read as follows:
When prescribing a Schedule II or III controlled substance to a patient for 90 consecutive
days or greater for the treatment of chronic pain from conditions that are nonterminal
conditions, a physician shall require the patient to participate in Opioid Education and
Pro-Active Addiction Counseling that meets the requirements of this Code section at least
once every three months during the course of such treatment. Opioid Education and
Pro-Active Addiction Counseling shall be provided by third parties for a fee of not more
than $100.00 per session to the patient. Opioid Education and Pro-Active Addiction
Counseling shall be staffed and conducted by licensed professional counselors, certified
addiction counselors, or both.

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  1. Wow Steve, You as a educated man, that deals with chronic pain patients everyday, you sure are looking at this law like the “glass is half empty” instead of Full! Did you ever wonder if people addicted to pain pills and people on heroin, do you think they just decided one day to be an addict? or maybe from the lack of communication with their Dr. because they were afraid he would cut them off if they needed one more pill, so they go to another Dr. and get 6 more pills, because that Dr doesn’t know about the other. then the patient starts self medicating because he or she does not know that taking his pain level down to a 1 or 0 will eventually turn him or her into an addict and then they become a Dr. “SHOPPER” (bad Patient) this is not what they wanted, education could have prevented this, having a Pro-active Counselor to talk to could have helped them! look at this “Prescription Drug Abuse: Strategies to Stop the Epidemic – Trust for America’s Health” http://shar.es/1at5PP this is a article showing what all States in America are doing, notice no one is Educating the PATIENT, don’t you think its about time?
    All of us – Parents, Patients, and Community – have a shared Responsibility to Learn and Educate more about this Epidemic and Act to Save Lives.

    • We have tried educating people in our society that smoking will harm your health.. been doing it for some 50 yrs.. While the per-cent of the population that smokes has dropped .. if you look at the total number of smokers have not changed all that much in 50 yrs.. and we have educated the crap out of how bad tobacco use is ….population of the US is about 50% greater today.. than 50 yrs ago. I have suggested to politicians/bureaucrats how we can take a good blow on the legal drugs being diverted to the street… NONE HAVE LISTENED.. Not even trying a small pilot project for 60-90 days… that has little/no expense attached. Pres Bush signed a law to created a national PMP in 2004… Congress has yet to provide the funding.. We have had 1%-2% of the population abusing some substance – other than alcohol & tobacco – for the last 100 + yrs. We have spend over ONE TRILLION in the last 50 years fighting this war on drugs and currently spending 51 billion/yr trying to keep abt 6 million people from abusing some substance – other than alcohol & tobacco. That 51 billion covers a lot of pay checks… 12,000 at the federal level alone.. where >50% are desk jockeys..The vast majority of those abusing some substance .. have undiagnosed/untreated mental health issues.. and they are self-medicating the demons in their head and/or monkeys on their back. IMO.. our society has this huge puritanical thread in our societal fabric.. Subjective diseases – pain, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, addiction… is typically viewed as a personal weakness and they need to just “suck it up and get over it “.
      All addictions are mental health issues.. at least according to Medical Science. I am sure that those that are addicted to Nicotine, Alcohol and gambling and other things.. did not take that first puff, drink or pull on the slot machine.. did so with the intent of becoming addicted to them. As a country, we have been trying to deal with a “black market” that Congress created with The Harrison Narcotic Act 1914.. After 100 yrs and questionable progress… most likely regression.. They are using 20th century processes/techniques against 21st century crooks.. It seems to validate Einstein’s definition of insanity. The only reason that the glass is half full or half empty is because our judicial system has put a small hole in the bottom of the glass and they keep adding to it.. and it keeps leaking out..

  2. This is beyond ridiculous. Throw more money away instead of goong to help ppl in need ,omg. Sickening. Do these morons not understand that people addicts especially lie???lol wow my ex fooled,many counselors i was amazed.

  3. Seems pretty simple to me.. it says CONSECUTIVE DAYS.. you just add AND PRN to the dose.. given them enough to last more than 90 days and so the Days Supply calculates < 90.. and they have a 7 day "break" in therapy - in theory - but won't be prescribed 90 consecutive days ...

    • Steve
      I am not sure if this can legally apply to Medicare patients. I am pretty sure drug counseling is covered by Medicare if part of the course of treatment. If so it can only be covered when medically necessary. This is not medically necessary only legally necessary. What do you think this will result in with Medicare patients?

      • IMO.. this falls between two categories.. first .. another “feel good” law that will accomplish nothing…but.. bureaucrats can point to this law and they are trying.. secondly.. putting more financial hurdles and obstacles in the chronic pt’s way .. insurance won’t pay – or won’t pay enough – to do counseling .. pt can’t afford counseling out of pocket… no counseling.. no Rxs for pain meds

  4. And who will be paying for this? I can promise you the insurance companies won’t be!

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