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I recently made a post about metric being a potential diversion

Are you in the 50% that did not see the gorilla?

Think about it… The primary purpose of the company you work for is to MAKE MONEY… Some companies will attempt at doing that .. no matter … how many shortcuts they take.. and some seem to take the position… that as long as the fines – when they get caught – is less than the profits they are generating with their short cuts… there is no reason not to continue on as business as usual… full steam ahead…

Could some of the metrics be like counting the white shirt people passing the ball .. and the gorilla is what the company is doing or you are doing without complete realization what you are doing… or you are doing whatever the company asks because you are paranoid about your job and losing it..  you can’t see or chose to ignore the gorilla in the room.

IMO.. most RPH’s don’t really reach their stride until 35+.. that is when they are “over themselves” and reach a professional maturity..  Then there is another level of maturity reached at 55+.. when your interest is more than just the rules of  BOP, DEA, FDA… you realize that there are a whole other group of  Fed/State laws that can and do impact how a pharmacy operates. You are now in the final stretch toward retirement and you realize that some of the “stuff” that you are being asked to do.. could put your license and retirement assets at risk… from lawsuits..  and know full well that you don’t have enough work time left to reestablish the funding for your retirement.

All of a sudden your goals and beliefs may be in conflict with the DM that is 20-30 yrs your junior.. who has a entirely different business belief… probably the same concept that you had at their age… but .. now seems very foreign..


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