Walgreens reaches opioid settlement with State of Florida

It appears that in FLORIDA Walgreens is being sued for “contributing” our fabricated opiate crisis and in CALF they are being sued for having their stores understaffed and putting pt’s safety at risk from mistakes Walgreens’ Priority Was Filling Drug Orders Fast, Judge Told

https://www.tobaccofreekids.org/assets/factsheets/0365.pdf     Florida got 10+billion out of the Tobacco settlement at the end of the last century. I don’t know if they were hoping to extend the “annual annuity payments” from the tobacco settlement with suing the pharma industry.  It appears that this settlement comes up short.

Florida may be returning to the pharmacy environment back in the mid 2010-2020 decade… when most chain pharmacists were SELDOM COMFORTABLE filling Rxs for controlled meds… the term was coined back then as the “Pharmacy Crawl”..where pts trying to get a controlled Rx filled may have to go to a dozen or so different pharmacies in trying to get a controlled Rx filled.  Can you imagine a chronic pain pts … having to drive around most of a day to find a pharmacy to fill their pain med Rx ?  Back then controlled Rxs were still “paper”, so the pt had a Rx in their hand. Today, most all controls are now sent to a pharmacy electronically. When a pharmacy/pharmacist can’t/won’t fill a C-II,  the Rx basically goes dead, because the pharmacy can’t do nothing but CANCEL the electronic Rx… and the pt is having to have to reach out to their prescriber to send it to another pharmacy. Of course, pharmacies will not tell a pt over the phone if they actually have a particular C-II in stock. When one of the early statements in the early part of the war on drugs was “JUST SAY NO”… may take on a new meaning for chronic pain pts trying to get their pain meds filled .

Walgreens reaches opioid settlement with State of Florida

DEERFIELD, Ill. — Walgreens announced Thursday that it has entered into an agreement with the State of Florida to resolve all claims related to the distribution and dispensing of prescription opioid medications across the company’s pharmacies in the state.

The settlement amount of $683 million includes $620 million to be paid out to the State of Florida over 18 years, as well as a one-time payment of $63 million for attorneys’ fees.

The settlement includes no admission of wrongdoing or liability by Walgreens.

“As the largest pharmacy chain in the state, we remain focused on and committed to being part of the solution, and believe this resolution is in the best interest of all parties involved and the communities we serve across Florida,” said Danielle Gray, executive vice president and global chief legal officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance. “Our pharmacists are dedicated health care professionals who live and work in the communities they serve, and play a critical role in providing education and resources to help combat opioid misuse and abuse.”

As one of Florida’s leading health care providers, Walgreens has taken a number of actions to prevent and respond to the opioid crisis, while continuing to serve patients, including:

  • Providing patient education on safe opioid use
  • Making life-saving Naloxone, the opioid overdose reversal medication, available in all Walgreens pharmacies nationwide
  • Providing safe and convenient medication disposal kiosks available at 1,400 Walgreens stores, along with other safe disposal options at all other Walgreens locations
  • Deploying technology to help pharmacists ensure they are dispensing prescriptions written for a legitimate medical purpose
  • Stopping self-distribution of opioids and all pharmaceuticals to Walgreens stores in 2014

The settlement funds will be used by the State of Florida to support its efforts to combat and treat opioid addiction. The settlement is a result of unique facts and circumstances concerning the state of Florida. It should not be used to forecast or predict the value of any other litigation claims or future settlements, and is unrelated to any other opioid-related litigation in which Walgreens is involved and which the company will continue to defend vigorously.

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  1. Like i said a while ago,,,a entire chain shut down here,,putten at least 100 people out of work because of kolodny/addiction psychiatrist LIE,,, Shopko here in Adams,,shut down,,after thee opiate corrupt sueing frenzy started,,saying since the cdc guideline,,scripts for thee medicine was soo low,,which i guess lessen their profits,,they just close the whole store down,,,Another acquaintance i met,,who worked on the Pain Bible over at U.W. madison,worked for the research team involved for essential medicine opiates for non-cancerous pain.She was employed at this company for 24 years,,they fired her,,saying her position in research for the use of the MEDICINE opiates was no longer needed,,,,yea kolodny $$$$$$ hungry quest has hurt/killed soooooooooo many good men,women and children,, for his quest for $$$$,,JMO,,maryw

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