Vote as if your life depends upon it.

votersI made this post I am going to start making FB posts and tweets a couple of days ago and listed the FB and twitter accounts for the major presidential candidates.

For two days in a row, I have made a post on these and they HAVE NOT BEEN DELETED…

If you suffer from an “invisible disease”  – pain, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD mental health – you are in the cross hairs of the DEA/CDC/FDA. The agenda of these agencies – as they take away your medications – to make you “invisible” to society.. by making you  house/chair/bed confined… and could be the underlying reason(s) for the increased suicides that we are seeing/hearing about.

Remember when Obamacare was first being discussed in Congress and eventually passed and much talk about “death panels”.  With the CDC’s new guidelines on opiate prescribing…  who put these guidelines together ?…. a “panel of experts”.. many believe that these guidelines are going to cause a lot of otherwise PREMATURE deaths.. because of prescribers be fearful of not following these guidelines and the consequences to their livelihood, licenses and their personal freedom .  Forget about their oath to “do no harm”… it has seemingly changed to “do no harm” to themselves and their families, pts are being left to defend for themselves.

Pretty much sure that all the Presidential candidates know is that we have a opiate abuse epidemic.. involving 2.1 million people..  The population of New York city is FOUR TIMES THAT NUMBER.. and that number is < 0.7% of the US population. It is estimated that we have 20% of the population using/abusing/addicted to the two drugs of Alcohol & Tobacco.  Some 60-70 million people.

This is not the first time in world history where certain segments of a population has “disappeared” …  SIX MILLION Jews “disappeared” during Hitler’s reign over Germany… the term that we are talking about is GENOCIDE. The genocide that is now be perpetrated on costly, ill people in the USA is much more covert and disguised as being well intended.

There are an estimated 106 million chronic pain pts… there has been dozens of petitions put up on the internet about chronic pain pt’s needing better treatment.. and anywhere from a few hundred to a couple of thousands have signed them… never enough signatures to require that they even be considered by the White House or Congress.

Unless a sizeable number of the chronic pain community does get the appropriate treatment of chronic pain as part of this year’s election… the current path of the discrimination against chronic pain pts will be set in stone. 80% of Congress is up for re-election… 106 million votes can determine the winner of any of those running for election/reelection at the Fed/State/local level.

FB posts/Tweets like this … 106 million chronic pain pts voters will support candidate that gets DEA/CDC out of practicing medicine without a license…. or   106 mil chronic pain pts voters will support a candidate that enforces ADA & stops denial of care.

If you are waiting for “george” or a knight on a white horse to come save your ass… THEY ARE NOT COMING… The future of your pain management and/or even your survival… could depend on what you do between now and Nov 8th – Federal Election Day.


List of Congressional Contact

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  1. I agree 100000 %%%% with this 1,ie article,,ps,,,not on facebook or twitter,,hubby claims tooo many virus’s come thru,,,,only on google,,,but,,I email,forward comment to my senatores at least 3 out of the 7 days a week,,,,Im I missing it,,,,does anyone know where trump stands on the treatment of chronic physical pain as an adult???I don’t want to vote for the past 40 year careeer politician,,they have literally destroyed our country,jmo,,,maryw

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