Our Healthcare system is causing doctors, nurses,pharmacists and pts to commit suicide while the MBA’s with their spread sheets and the middlemen are busy calculating how to pay those who provide healthcare less for needed services while they continue to reap more and more profits.  It is estimated that for every $ paid in health insurance premiums… some 40%-50%  is consumed to fund the infrastructure and profits of the middlemen… who provide NOTHING towards the direct healthcare of pts. The Federal government alone has THREE DIFFERENT HEALTHCARE PROGRAMS (Medicare/Medicaid/Obamacare).  The question is WHY ??  Those who do not qualify for subsidies under Obamacare… have high premiums and high deductibles…both going up DOUBLE DIGITS in 2017… just as Obama LEAVES OFFICE. It would seem that the BUSINESS OF HEALTHCARE is more focused on profits than the health of pts.

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  1. I am 63,and to be honest I have disliked our healthcare system for 63 years.Well ,not quite,but you know what I mean.I do not know why we call it a health care system.In reality it is more of a insurance system,and a for profit scam.I am not criticizing our health care professionals,most of them are great,but rather the system itself.I would not have had any care I could afford the past several years were it not for Obama care.Im not thrilled with it,but it’s better than nothing,and I realize many are not happy with it at all.I truly think if Obama had not been blocked from doing what he really wanted to do,Universal Care,it would be a far better system.Greed normally hurts more than it helps,and capitalism works great,for those with a lot of capital.Seems to me just as it is time to rethink many things in our country,like the failed drug war,it is also time to rethink our insurance sorta care system.A blend of capitalism and democratic socialism would be of benefit if done right.Bernie was right,in my humble bumbling opinion.

  2. Heck some people who have zero income don’t qualify for Medicare. Medicaid or “affordable” health care subsidies! One that I know has severe health issues CANNOT work but is denied aid on any level and can only get minimal emergency health care!

  3. I don’t know if I would consider the Affordable Health Care Act BROKEN, but I would certainly consider it severely warped. The original or first proposal for Obama Care was more of a universal health care system based on a couple European countries and the Canadian system, but the Republican representatives cockblocked it and forced him to keep re-writing it until it was what we have today. Believe it or not, the very same idea that Mitt Romney established in Massachusetts. This is why it always amazes me on how everyone blames Obama and the Democratic party when it was the Republican party who forced the system we have today because they didn’t want taxes raised on their Wall Street buddies.
    We are supposed to be the most powerful and wealthiest country in the world and out of our peer nation’s, we are the only country who does not have government sponsored healthcare for everyone. So, it’s not the Affordable Health Care Act that’s broken, it’s our political system that is snapped the fuck in half!!!! We need to do away with agencies like the DEA and a few more, combine the CDC, FDA and any other agencies dealing with health issues, infectious disease and health care costs into a single entity and under the same budget. This would create a responsible agency designed as all around healthcare monitors, cost negotiators, researchers, responders and insurers. By doing that we would get rid of several independent agencies and move us back towards our government caring about the people instead of the profits of health insurers and big pharma. It’s time to get health insurance out of the hands of crooked and profit driven companies before we become a 3rd world country or another Civil War starts.


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