Trump And The GE Parses Kolodny’s Opioid Hoax December 2nd At 7PM

Trump And The GE Parses Kolodny’s Opioid Hoax December 2nd At 7PM

The opioid epidemic has dominated the 24-hour news cycle for the past four years. Drug overdose deaths have surpassed car accidents pursuant to accidental deaths. Drug overdose deaths were exacerbated by a spike in opioid-relate drug overdoses. Fentanyl has been so prevalent in overdose deaths that the CDC started tracking fentanyl-related drug overdoses separately. The prevailing theory was (1) the spike in opioid prescriptions coincided with runaway overdose deaths so (2) cutting prescriptions would sharply reduce drug overdose deaths.

That said, Andrew Kolodny has made a big name for himself, fueling the flames against prescription opioids. Mr. Kolodny appeared on HBO’s The Crime of the Century pursuant to Purdue Pharma’s role in the opioid crisis. I was initially impressed with Kolodny. He seemed extremely passionate and convincing. However, as more data on drug overdose deaths emerged and after I spoke with people familiar with drug users, Kolodny’s narrative began to crack. Below is a 2020 tweet quoting Kolodny, and implying the opioid epidemic was driven by the masses becoming addicted to prescription opioids.

Recent data suggests something totally different. Drug overdose deaths for the trailing 12 months through April 2021 exceeded 100,000, a Y/Y rise of nearly 29%. About two-thirds (64%) of all drug overdose deaths was related to synthetic opioids (primarily fentanyl), up from 49% in the year-earlier period. This implies drug overdoses deaths related to synthetic opioid rose about 68% Y/Y. This is despite the fact that prescription opioid volume is expected to drop for the ninth consecutive year — a decline of 60% from its peak in 2011. If opioid prescriptions are declining then why do drug overdose deaths (and opioid-related drug overdose deaths) continue to rise? The data suggests that (1) illicit fentanyl and (2) drug addicts who use heroin or heroin laced with fentanyl are driving the spike in drug overdose deaths.

Kolodny recently spoke with Axios about the record drug overdose deaths. Below is an excerpt from part of that video. The interview was so patently absurd that it bordered on make-believe:

Niala Boodhoo: How much of this is about opioid overdoses specifically?

Kolodny: The vast majority of these drug overdose deaths are opioid. In particular, they involve an illicitly synthesized opioid called fentanyl.

Niala Boodhoo: Were you expecting the numbers to be so high at this point?

Kolodny: Opioid overdose deaths have been skyrocketing for the past few years, and actually for more than past 25 years, each year we’ve been setting a record for death from drug overdoses, and then the next year we break that record. But the last few years have been the worst. I expected the numbers to continue to get worse, but not this bad.

Niala Boodhoo: How much did the pandemic exacerbate this?

Kolodny: It’s difficult to say, but there are reasons to believe that COVID did make the problem worse.

The problem is that Kolodny, state attorneys general (who are suing opioid manufacturers), trial lawyers (who are earning billions in legal fees), Dopesick (Hulu), The Pharmacist (Netflix) and the fake news have been driving the narrative. I understand that Kolodny served as a consultant to some of the plaintiffs pursuant to fake opioid lawsuits. Judges in California and Oklahoma recently “called cap,” and ruled that opioid manufacturers were not liable for the opioid crisis. It is time for those in the know to set the record straight about what is really driving drug overdose deaths.

On Thursday December 2nd at 7PM (NYC time), Trump And The GE will parse through Kolodny’s interview with facts and real-world data. We are asking doctors, drug users, pain patients, researchers and concerned citizens to participate. There is a groundswell of activists and patients interested in this issue. Trump And The GE would like to provide a forum for each person’s voice to be heard.

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You are more than welcome to participate as an audience member and ask questions during the event. The platform is similar to Zoom. The audience can access the show via Google Chrome by clicking the following link —>

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  2. It’s not that hard to figure this out. The decline in available, legal opioid pharmaceuticals has created a “street demand” for access to pain management. The War on Opioids has backfired and created a market for illegal pain meds. Stop interfering with professional medicine and keep politics out of the doctor-patient relationship. Our children are paying the price and overdosing from powerful, unregulated access to illegal drugs. The rise in overdose deaths is caused by the enforcement and litigation on legal medical practice and penalties on those practices. It’s about availability of illegal opiates and that is fueled by demand for relief by millions of chronic pain sufferers that have been denied relief by the misdirection and profiteering of over-zealous federal agencies. The historical information surrounding Prohibition and the availability of unsafe alcohol should be all the data needed to understand the cause and solution to the current overdose crisis. Look at the data before and after the govt declared war on legal opiates and crunch the numbers. Before political opioid action became so active overdose deaths were minimal compared to the 100,000 deaths in 2020. Stop interfering with medicine and the demand will subside thus stopping the influx and need for illegal pain relief. It IS that simple.

    • I resist the idea that opioid crisis is “fueled by demand for relief by millions of chronic pain sufferers” OR ever was fueled or will ever be fuel by abandoned severe pain sufferers. It is and has been my opinion that FEW of these ever turn to street drugs. We are mostly older folk, without street contacts or the desire to find one and simply wither and die WITHOUT any pain medicine at all. …These are the unintended consequences we have been talking about for a very long time now. If street opiate was such an easy solution to medical opiate abandonment we would not still be complaining.

    • Thank you so much Steve. I do read all your blog posts. I miss talking to you. But anyway ..
      Since I couldn’t share your link. ( Which is SO obsurd because Fedbook Sucks) I copied and pasted the content and article to my Fedbook wall and FFPCAN public page hoping Chronic Painers tune in. Oh my God I so hope all this pain med crap would turn around. I’m so sick of this all damned shit. But Thanks again Steve for sharing this.

    • Well said, but sadly I believe the PROP doctors and government agencies intended to cause extreme pain, suffering, and suicide.

  3. Steve I tried to share n FB. It said your content had been reported as abusive.

    • That’s insane to say Pharmacist Steve has abusive content! The cancel culture, corporations, technology companies etc. like our division and plan to keep us divided.

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