Tracy Beanz testifies in front of the SC Senate Medical Affairs Subcommittee on ivermectin

I could not download this video, but this person testifying before a senate committee with “tons” of info about clinical trials successfully using invermectin to treat COVID-19

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  1. Ivermection is safe, effective and works great as a prevention. Its very suspicious on why Western countries governments are hiding the Truth not only on this but on many orher things these days. The real question is, “What is in those vaccines?” that they tried bribes and now force to get it in everyone? I believe its very nefarious. Think I may know but I’ll leave that up everyone else to research for themselves. It is very fishy.

  2. Here’s a list of studies showing ivermectin as effective:

    (Hint: Google has scrubbed itself of the truth. Download DuckDuckGo)

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