tomorrow could be the first day of the rest of your quality of life.

Politics not withstanding… the change of administration tomorrow will probably have a serious impact on the community.  Biden was part of the administration when the Decade of pain law expired in 2009 and was not renewed… and the war on pt/drugs accelerated.

A few interesting stats and facts that are coming out:

Executive orders on first day     Bush 43 – ZERO   Obama – ZERO     Trump – ONE    Biden – estimated 10-12

How many times have each of heard/read from a family member/friend state with someone close to them who is a addict or OD’s  “… No other family should go thru this …”

President Biden (Attorney) has a son who is at best a addict in recovery

VP Harris (Attorney) when AG of CALF put 1500 people in jail over MJ use and at the same time video interview saying that she used MJ

The proposed head of HHS is going to be another Attorney  the head of health and human services being an attorney ?

Of course the AG will be an attorney

We have people from Central America heading for our southern border because Biden stated  “in my first 100 days no one will be deported…”…what he didn’t say… was that … that promise would only apply to anyone already in our country BEFORE Jan 1, 2021.

In general attorneys like to make sure our laws are enforced….  and we have the muddled mess of reported use/abuse/OD from opiates from the CDC – It is common knowledge that the vast amount of OD’s involve illegal opiates – mostly illegal fentanyl  and the drug alcohol  – average OD toxicology has 4-7 different substances show up.  In those few hundred of OD’s that has only a opiate that the pt has been legally prescribed would suggest a SUICIDE, but if a suicide note is left behind…. most seem to VANISH and the death is ruled as a accidental overdose.

Some have been discussing creating a “commercial” …  I remember one other advocate tried that with a 15 second commercial on one of the cable channels.. but I have not seen nor heard anything about those commercials for sometime …. maybe they didn’t produce some results or they got too expensive.

Someone who wishes to run a 30 second commercial locally on a single channel one time … ballpark cost is $5000.  Want to put that same commercial on one of the major channels at night… a single slot starts at about $13,000 and goes up dramatically.

I am been blogging for 9 yrs and have not seen the first incident/suggestion of anyone within the healthcare system displaying any fear of any chronic pain or pts dealing with chronic diseases requiring controlled substances. It would appear that the actions against the community by healthcare practitioners has no consequences.  They have no reasons to change the denial of care and discrimination against those in the community.

Imagine what could happen if a pt is told by their prescriber that they are going to experience a forced reduction in their meds.. and all similar pts in the practice will experience the same. What could happen if that first pt contacted a law firm to try to get the names of the other pts and collectively send a letter of complaint to the state medical board and the state AG… filing a complaint of civil rights discrimination, pt abandonment, pt abuse… and … on and on…  The attorney would not have to divulge the pts’ names… attorney/client privilege.  If the physician/practice is owned by a hospital system, maybe all the presribers working for the system is being forced to do the same to all similar pts.. 

successful outcome in one state, could turn into a template for pts/attorneys in other states. A dozen or two pts hiring a law firm to send out a few letters and costing a couple of hundred dollars.

Link below is a post I did a few weeks ago of other ways to “get even” and there is a link in this post to another post, be sure to read both

call their bluff with a letter from attorney ?

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  1. After I read your article, I did in fact, send a letter to my PCP and all they did was laugh at me. Seriously, these people think they are indestructable. So, I got a new PCP, havent had first appointment yet, but hopefully, he will be better. But thanks for the suggestion. If we all do things like this, it might just help.

    • Physicians & hospitals do this to pts all the time… Barb is under going cataract surgery and surgery to correct her severe Astigmatism on Tues, she was going thru all the paperwork from the eye surgeon office today and within the a few dozen pages was a “acknowledgement letter” stating all the POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS — INCLUDING DEATH… whose ASS do you think that surgeon is covering ? the article that I wrote… sending the practitioner documentation that what they have done or proposed to do to the pt was many potential consequences – INCLUDING DEATH… Getting an attorney to send a practitioner a certified letter – with documentation – of the potential adverse outcomes for the pt … is the same thing that our healthcare system does to pts… sign here … and I may screw up and you may die…and you – the pt – understands that. AND your estate will have no recourse against the practitioner.. here is a post that I made some 5-6 yrs ago dealing with loss of companionship and consortium.. I did not sign that “acknowledgement letter” and if she dies or loses her sight… there is potential damages FOR ME as her husband.

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