Thomas Szasz: The Right to Take Drugs

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  1. I cannot believe in 2022 this crap is still happening. 4 pills a day what a joke! And they changed the formulas of some so they don’t work anymore at all and feel like taking a sleeping pill. Where are advocates and protests? Yes your in pain but one day of hell was too much for you now look the mess we r in? Ridiculous

  2. In my experience & research of addicts over the last 20+ years; I completely agree w/ this doc.! Despite what many have been led to believe, the majority of those that use drugs never develop addiction.

  3. I certainly wish that everyone would share this with every single person in Gov! They are LOST!! Hell, America is Lost. A$$ backwards is under statement.

  4. Interesting and truth be told,,we are no longer sadly a free Society, and Government over reach is further into our personal lives than the people know,,educate yourselves on the Constitution of the United States and be aware of what is truly happening as we allow this Government!! who is suppose to be working for its People is doing nothing more than working against the very fabric that our For Fathers had intended for a free nation to be,,Freedom is what our Veterans have fought for War after War but sadly not for their own citizens,,

  5. I always thought that it was in the Constitution that a person had a right to consume or ingest anything they want. I know I’ve read it somewhere in the amendments. Maybe I’m wrong but I feel adults, if they have true freedom that it is a right but the US government is always trying to control people.
    PS. The closed captioning isn’t correct because of this man’s accent but clearly we can understand him and his point.

  6. Thanks for sharing this

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