This is getting SERIOUS: State of New Jersey On Trial In India

State of New Jersey On Trial In India

As American corporations increasingly seek entry to India’s 1.4. billion-person market, an American state, that of the State of New Jersey, is being subjected to the jurisdiction and authority of an Indian Court, on charges of aiding and abetting policies of racial discrimination against successful Indian American physicians.

On April 23, 2022, Indian physician, Richard Arjun Kaul, did, through counsel, file suit (Kaul v Allstate/State of NJ/Christie – K11-5) against the Indian subsidiary of Allstate Insurance Company, the State of New Jersey and its ex-governor, Christopher J. Christie, in which Kaul claims, amongst other things:

“It is the case of the Plaintiff that the Defendants, led by the Defendant No. 1 (Allstate Solutions Private Limited) had lately adopted a practice of racial discrimination and conspiracy against Indian physicians, Doctors, Medical Professionals and Healthcare providers. The Defendants collude and conspire at international level and inter-alia use the internet and other media platforms to propagate adverse and negative narratives against successful Medical Professionals of Indian origin and cause excessive damage to their professional and social reputation … The Plaintiff has also expressed a reasonable threat to his life from the colluding Defendants.”


On October 12, 2022, the Indian Court advanced the case, as all Defendants had been officially served, and did schedule a court hearing on December 15, 2022.

The principal purpose of K11-5 is to expose the pernicious injustices perpetrated against Indian physicians in America, many of whom continue to languish in American jails, and to hold financially accountable those American corporations responsible for these crimes against humanity. These entities cannot expect to do business in India, while simultaneously executing programs of mass incarceration of Indians in America.

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