This is a “golden oldie” from 7 years ago – now seven times the opioid OD/POISONINGS every year

This graphic is from 2014 and since 2016 CDC opiate dosing guidelines there is now ONLY ABOUT SEVEN TIMES OPIOID   OD/POISONING

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  1. pssss,,,The bottum line,,is no-one but the person occupying said body can physically feel the physical pain,,no-one else,,yet klonodyn really thinks,,he has the right to decide how much forced physical pain another humanbeing should forcible endure from ANY physically painful medical condition.He really thinks he has the right,,to torture another humanbeing,sadly some to death,,,and jmo,that is thee exact mentality of hitler,and should be charged as such,manslaughter,torture,crimes against humanity etc,maryw

  2. It was ALLLL A LIE BY LIARS.HERE is what happen.This poor excuse for a man named Andy kolodny,like a little cockroach,got a gig in washington,thru his buddy Lieberman as a ,”intern,”a political intern,,He hob knob w/this senatores wifes, whinning psychiatry has no money in it anymore,,and pain management doctors are treating pain w/to many drugs in his opinion.Now this senatores kid and that senatores kid stole mommy medicine and died,,aweful..But here comes cockroach kolodny to save the parents,to escape there own irresponsibility w/their medicines telling the parents,,it wasn’t your fault,,your 37 year old ,”baby” o.d,,,,,it was his doctors fault for giving him pain medicine when he had his wisdom teeth out..Can we get anymore crazy of a group think then that????Reasonable minds were ignored,,when $$$$$ became soo obvious the conflict of interest by all so-called addiction shrinks,We alll told them,,ur gonna see suicides skyrocket as legitimate medically ill are forced to survive in agonizing but treatable physical pain,,they didn’t care,,,all they cared about was $$$$$$,,,and revenge,,and here we partially stand 7 years later,,,less script,,,more o.d,,,,dahhhhhh,,,We
    were the one who were correct alll along,,,and if this truth is never written formally,,it will never be told.History is written by the survivors,,,not by those who died,,like our dead,,,,,History will state we were all just adddicts,,,like it did to the civil war soldiers missing limbs and horrendous war injuries,,,,if the truth is never told,or again,,,formally written,,,,jmo,,maryw

  3. There is also a song on YouTube similar to the DEA song called “The Bufferin Song.” Could you listen to it? It is hilarious, and because people are suffering needlessly, it is also regrettable.

  4. We have known for a long time that the attack on legitimate pain patients was propaganda, and so did the doctors. However, I was on a website called Quora. Several questions on that site illustrated how poorly the general understands pain, the treatment of pain, and the difference between pain from an illness or surgery that will lessen and go away in 6-8 weeks versus chronic pain that may never go away and that there are some days that the pain is so bad the patients may be praying for their demise to end the pain. I live with chronic pain, and until you live with chronic pain daily, day after day, week after week, year after year, it is incomprehensible for someone that does not live with this devastating and incapacitating pain just how crippling and disabling pain can be, and can make ordinary activities like showering, cooking and caring for yourself devastatingly painful. I would not wish this kind of pain on anyone, but sometimes I think an hour of this kind of pain would increase the understanding of what we are living with!

  5. Yeah. They are saving us.
    This goes to show you this is a hysterical prop driven cash cow drive. Do you know how much they make off this?
    There isn’t much money in those other deaths.

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