They say history repeats itself: Walgreen’s GOOD FAITH DISPENSING CHECKLIST IS BACK

Looks like history is repeating itself…. the hyperlink below was the first version of Walgreen’s “good faith” dispensing checklist.  I had not heard much about it lately but apparently the Purdue Pharma lawsuit caused Walgreen to update and reissue this policy in June 2022.

looking at the form, they are only looking for C-II specific Oxycodone, Hydromorphone, Methadone – or whatever the particular Rx dept wants to use this “good faith” check list on.

Notice at the bottom of the file, a check block for the Pharmacist to deny filling this particular opiate for this particular pt. Since the majority of C-II are now sent electronically.  It would appear that if the Pharmacist refuses… it would appear that the pt’s Rx will apparently be “killed” and put in a computer file so that no other Walgreens will fill it.  The electronic Rx cannot be printed out as a valid Rx since it has not been SIGNED IN INK by the prescriber.

It also appears if any single employed Pharmacist at Walgreen has refused to fill a particular Rx for the exact medication, every one of the 9000 Walgreen stores must refuse to fill the particular medication for this particular pt.  Sort of a semi or partial BLACK BALL of the pt .. I suspect that if one pharmacist has refused a particular opiate for a pt and the pt shows up with a different opiate, they may get that med BLACK BALLED as well.

10% of our population has NO PRESCRIPTION INSURANCE and/or more have very high deductible and may being paying cash for their Rxs or using a cash discount card because it is less money out of pocket.

If you are a intractable chronic pain pt and you are having a bad/flare day, you might not want to get your prescription filled on that particular day because a Walgreen’s TECHNICIAN could determine that you are intoxicated or under the influence/high on illicit drugs.  Could be another reason to BLACK BALL the pt, refuse to fill their Rx… and if it is a C-II basically KILLED the Rx.

Notice that the Pharmacist MAY RECOMMEND the pt purchase Naloxone, and it looks like they are using the NEW and NOT YET FINAL PUBLISHED CDC GUIDELINES MME system.

Here is a link to find a independent pharmacy… where you will be dealing with the Pharmacist/Owner – who has skin in the game – and does get PAID by turning away legit control meds because “they are no comfortable” and do not check all the right boxes on some corporate GOOD FAITH DISPENSING CHECKLIST.

This check list is just giving a Walgreen’s Pharmacist the opportunity/reason to JUST SAY NO.

I had my own independent pharmacy for 20 yrs… I rubbed elbows with these guys and gals at state and national pharmacy conventions…  I know and understand the mindset of these independent pharmacy owners. We now patronized the independent pharmacy was my independent pharmacy closest competitor… One of his stores has been around for some 80+ yrs.


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