The WAR ON DRUGS .. supported by lies and mis-information ?

Medical marijuana activist in Kansas arrested, son taken away after he spoke up to D.A.R.E. officer

Shona Banda is a medical marijuana activist living in Garden City, Kansas. She suffered Crohn’s Disease for years before discovering cannabis oil helped to control her symptoms. She was so impressed with marijuana’s ability to control her symptoms that she became an activist to help others. Her 11-year-old son was at school listening to a talk by a D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) police officer when he chimed with some counter information about medical marijuana and things have gotten out of hand from there:

As Shona’s son listened to the misinformation given by authorities to his class during the drug education presentation, he courageously spoke up and informed them that the information they were relating was incorrect in regards to cannabis. He was pulled from class and sent to the office for questioning by authorities without his mother present.When he failed to return home from school, Banda contacted the school only to be told that her son had be detained by authorities. She went to the station, where she was informed that she was not being detained, but that they were obtaining a search warrant on her home and that she would not be permitted to enter the residence until the search was executed.

Once inside the home, police did find approximately 2 ounces of marijuana and cannabis oil, which apparently was enough for a judge to order her son to be removed from her home. She has a hearing on April 20th (ironic!) about the custody of her son and and some are holding a rally at the courthouse to support her.

For what it’s worth, Garden City, Kansas is a mere 70 miles away from Colorado. It is an embarrassment for the state of Kansas to rip apart a family over a plant that has proven medical benefits, is legal just a few towns away and has nationwide majority support for legalization.

Listen to Shona, in her own words, describe how medical marijuana has changed her life:

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  1. Exactly what happened to Loretta Nall in Alabama back in 2002!!

  2. I hope every dea agent ends up with an inoperable injury or disease so they realize what they are doing to people. let them know and feel what it feels like to have no relief. but im sure it wouldnt be a problem since they will strong arm a pharmacist like they have been doing.

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