I don’t think it would be a good idea to ask the candidates about the “opioid epidemic” because they will spit out all the myths and untruths that we have been hearing about for years. Too many people in this country have no idea what we are experiencing and even who we are as a separate distinct group of people. I would not expect either of these candidates to talk about this in any meaningful way, Since the theme of the convention has been about “empathy and caring” about others, I just have to be hopeful that in the future, somehow, this issue might be addressed by informed activists, who can find a way to get the facts and our plight to the right people who will listen and be open to change. I have just a small hope for change. In any case, I think bringing this up as a topic right now is a big mistake. No politician is that courageous and most are ignorant of the facts.

I agree completely Having “rally’s” with only a handful of people able to show isn’t going to do anything..It will be seen as a nuisance more than anything else..Until we can get a “big gun” someone with a name or lawsuits won in favor of CPP Im not sure what can be done. I no these politicians are hell bent on being anti pain medicine..Im also sure they all have their Medicine cabinets stocked
with pain meds for when they need them or a family member. Maybe if we could get 300 CPP able to function enough to destroy property and start fires . It sure worked for the “peaceful protests” in Portland,Chicago,New York to name a few.
And the bonus is you dont get arrested!! Yup thats the future of GRAMPS being in the White House,when we all know he should be in the BIG HOUSE

If anyone reads Biden/Harris position paper on the opiate crisis

It is full of empathy & caring … there are some 2-3 million serious opiate abusers they want to help get sober, but then the paper pulls in alcoholics – some 14 million – and serious methamphetamine abusers – another million – and then pulls in untold number of mental health pts. Just think of all the extra tax revenue could be generated if all of these individuals get back in the work force and paying taxes ? The largest group – 100  million chronic pain pts – seems to have a token amount of empathy & caring…  so the title of Biden/Harris position paper “Opioid crisis” is misleading as to the real content of the paper ?

The community can take all the NSAID’s they want to… they are OTC anyway – and nobody really worries or counts the estimated 15,000/yr that die from GI bleeds they cause from use/abuse, but they do incorporate those numbers in their tens of thousands of drug overdose deaths. Plus any non-opiate (alternative therapies) that Medicare/Medicaid/Insurance may pay for…  Maybe you will get 5%-10% improvement in your pain levels.. Your pain moves from 9.0 to 8.5 …after all improvement is improvement.


The community seems to have painted themselves into a corner…  can’t get enough “bodies” to a demonstration/protest/rally to make a dent into the political mindset.  Shouldn’t bring up the issue of opiates being used for chronic pain management when 85% of Congress is up for re-election.  Can’t get a small percent of the community to contribute money to a “war chest” for law firms, lobbying firms, PR firms.  They say that you can’t “buy a politician” but it costs a lot of $$$ to get their attention. It is reported that lobbyists spend 9+ million/day trying to influence the 535 members of Congress.  We could try and get our own political candidate, but I seriously doubt that if he/she is not part of the political party that the chronic painer believes in… would not get their vote.

They talk about the “silent majority” and their ability to determine an election.. if they  come out to vote.. maybe the community should be considered as the “invisible majority”… no one seems them suffering… no one sees them committing suicide or dying from complications of the comorbidity issues after their pain meds are lowered or cut altogether.





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  1. Rally attendance has gone way up, from 4 to 50 in Wisconsin. And Claudia Merandi covers miles for everyone else’s feet except Red Lawhern and Dr. Kline, and our best writers including Pharmacist Steve. Some things take time. What may also take time is for the ignorant to experience this issue for themselves. This is for sure a ‘Nobody said it was going to be easy’ …things. True about %70-80 in the various pain groups are dead weight as regards the actual effort, some have a good reason and some don’t.

    • I constantly contact lawmakers I know, as I helped get them publicity, votes, advised and hosted forums leading to many of them being elected to both parties. They have forgotten who I am WE ARE and it’s time to remind them ALL. I don’t appreciate their IGNORING DIRECT, PROFESSIONAL ATTEMPTS TO SIMPLY TALK ABOUT ISSUES with CPP wh8ch directly affect those in their mostly rural districts.

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