The computer tells me .. NOT TO FILL IT ?

How in the hell did APPRISS,INC get permission to access the various PMP – PRIVATE HEALTH INFORMATION – without the pt’s permission ? They  have to have access to be able to assign some arbitrary numeral figure as to the appropriateness of a pt’s pain therapy.. ??? 

Appriss Inc., a leading technology provider for risk assessment and analytics in public safety and healthcare, announced that The Kroger Co. has introduced NARxCHECK™ into over 200 stores in Ohio, West Virginia, and Arizona in an effort to improve patient safety and combat prescription drug abuse.

NARxCHECK™ (, is an analytics engine that provides real-time clinical decision support to physicians and pharmacists when making prescribing and dispensing decisions around controlled substances. The program provides three key components for prescribers and dispensers: a patient score, an interactive graph depicting the usage pattern of drugs, and detailed analytics about controlled substance prescriptions filled by the patient. The NARxCHECK™ algorithm assesses a patient’s controlled substance history from state prescription monitoring programs, computes a score and highlights potential issues with overuse or abuse of narcotics, sedatives and stimulants.

The NARxCHECK™ system assigns a numerical score that is derived by analyzing the patient’s prescription patterns.

Lower scores improve doctors’ and pharmacists’ confidence that the patient may not have any controlled substance usage concerns. More elevated scores cue the doctors and pharmacists to carefully consider the patient’s controlled substance usage.

“We are thrilled to be working with Kroger in their Ohio, West Virginia and Arizona pharmacies and look forward to expanding into additional stores,” said Krishnan Sastry, Executive Vice President at Appriss, Inc. “We look forward to helping thousands of pharmacists in The Kroger Company to leverage our analytics to effectively and efficiently identify potential over-prescribing issues with opioids and improve patient safety.”

“Our Kroger pharmacists can now easily identify patients for whom controlled substance usage is unusually high and address overuse or abuse concerns without the need to log into different websites for historical data,” said Mike Menkhaus, a manager on the pharmacy system development team at Kroger. “The NARxCHECK™ scoring system and immediate access to prescription monitoring program data right within the pharmacist workflow put the best tools available in the hands of our pharmacists to ensure the safety of our patients and to comply with state regulations.”

About Appriss

Appriss provides data-driven solutions to fulfill our mission of keeping communities safe and informed. Partnering with public safety, healthcare, and leading private and public companies, Appriss delivers solutions that prevent fraud, mitigate risk, fight crime, ensure compliance, increase public safety and save lives. Appriss’ solutions are always backed by excellent customer support with technical agents in the US that are available to help 24x7x365.

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  1. What happened to HIPPA?

  2. Really? And who determined these scores??? And what if I don’t grant my pernission???

  3. It’s much easier to kow tow to pressure from management and regulatory authorities when a patient is being told that they can’t get their pain meds filled not by the pharmacist, but rather on the orders of a nameless, faceless machine. The pharmacist just becomes a message-delivering flunky. Yet another reason why I will never work again as a retail pharmacist, especially for a chain.

  4. I am so sick of stores/pharmacies/DEA deciding what is best for me without my doctor’s input! Now we have an inmate (Rodney Quine) in California who is serving life a life sentence without parole for MURDER! He wants a sex-reassignment surgery and they have agreed to pay for it because is is “medically necessary!” Why? Because she is depressed and might commit suicide! So he/she gets what he/she wants with our tax dollars. But I can’t get my medicine because my state’s DEA has decided arbitrarily that no one in the State of Tennessee requires more than 200 milliequivalents of morphine per day, regardless of how long you have been in treatment and what level of tolerance has occurred. OOOHHH! My government really pisses me off!

  5. Garbage in
    Garbage out

  6. Oh I can see a world of improvement with THIS

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