The AMA is looking for Patient’s Pain Stories:

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The AMA is looking for Patient Stories:

We know from our own data, that an estimated 70% of the 10 million people, with rare and painful diseases, have had reductions in their pain regimens, without their consent. This is at a rate of approximately 3000 patients per day. The forced reductions are also running at 3000 people per day, without consent. Half of these have been taken off completely, and their lives have been ruined. No one knows the real extent of the problem. In spite of the fact that the Communicable Disease Center (CDC) was required to provide follow-up on the outcomes of the guidelines. It didn’t happen, as it would expose their cruelty and lack of compassion, for the millions with serious and persistent painful diseases. These same people were harmed by declaring that opiate pain medications are dangerous and ineffective, without any justification. The CDC’s proverbial feet will be held to the fire.

The first step in showing the extent of the problem, is the AMA’s offer, to document the number of pain patients harmed by the guidelines. This will allow the patients to briefly tell their pain journey. We are also collecting full stories at the National Pain Council (NPC).

What the AMA wants in the report is just a few simple things:


(This does not have to be your own name, you can use a surrogate, a nickname and you can also file for others. It is the information they are after, but they might need to reach you or your representative later, if they have questions).

2. City, state and zip code:

(They are not asking for a street address! Your information will be safe. List your real city, state, and zip code. They are going to list the cases by location, and this will be good information for congressional delegates. Remember the golden rule of politics, you must be a constituent).

3. Your diagnosis: (Please list just one or two, your main problems). NPC will provide a means to report more detailed case summaries in the future.

4. Simple summary of difficultly:

Please list any problems you have had getting proper doses of opiate pain medicine, including forced tapers, discontinuations, refusals by pharmacy’s, insurance, emergency rooms, doctors in the hospital, after surgery or whatever the case.

Only list two to three sentences. Remember, if only 10% are reported to the AMA, we would have 300,000 cases. Wait until that hits the press!

5. List the medications you had trouble getting:

If you were just flat-out denied any medication, say “refused all pain medications”, if you were tapered, then list the specific medications: “I was tapered off opiates, benzodiazepines, or my muscle relaxants, whatever.

6. List the Insurance carrier:
If involved in any way with insurance denials, prior authorizations that failed, basically any action by that particular insurance company that disrupted your care.

That’s it! It is simple, and won’t take you long. If you have any questions, email us at: and please share and circulate this as widely as possible.

Email your report and any other reports you have assisted with to:
Please send a cc to us at:

If you need help sending it to the AMA, please send a copy of your report to NPC by text, postal service, or carrier pigeon!

National Pain Council LLC
7474 Creedmore Road
Suite 317
Raleigh, NC 27613

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