state of WASH: threatens Medicaid pts access to care ?

NCPA Files Brief in Washington Medicaid Lawsuit

by NCPA | Oct 27, 2017

NCPA, along with the National Association of Chain Drug Stores and the Washington State Pharmacy Association have filed a legal brief in a case that involves changes to the way that state reimburses community pharmacies that serve Medicaid patients. The suit alleges that the state rule does not make required adjustments for prescriptions to Medicaid patients and threatens patient access. In addition, the brief argues that the state is violating federal and state laws by hindering Medicaid patient access to care.

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  1. Washington state is cheap with lousy Medicaid. It’s why back around 2009-2010 so many patients died from methadone in WA.
    The state only allowed 2 different pain medications to be covered by Medicaid and chose the cheapest medications.
    Most of the primary Drs prescribing didn’t know about methadone and prescribed lots of it without telling patients that if they didn’t feel enough pain relief, to NOT take additional doses. They should have warned to wait about 3 days then ask the Dr for further advice on if to increase doses.
    Well the Drs didn’t advise and many people died from methadone overdosing.
    After all these deaths, the state scared the Drs and none of them would treat chronic pain. American Pain Foundation had several leaders make calls to all the different Dr offices asking if they treated chronic pain? This is how we learned that Drs were refusing to treat these patients with chronic pain.
    Very sad.. all because of lack of knowledge. Pain care wasn’t taught more than 1 day in med school. Not nearly enough time to learn the basics.

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