son broke into her medicine cabinet in 2013 and accidentally overdosed on her accumulated stockpile of amphetamines, benzodiazepines and morphine.

Woman Sues Walgreens, Claims Company Is Responsible for Son’s Overdose and Her Attempted Suicide

A woman is suing Walgreens, claiming the Deerfield-based pharmacy giant prescribed excessive amounts of narcotics that led to the accidental overdose death or her son and her suicide attempt the following day.

Donna Soltis cites negligent supervision and training, general negligence and negligent infliction of emotional distress in a lawsuit filed May 6 in Cook County Circuit Court against Walgreen’s, Inc.; Walgreens Pharmacy Stores numbers 4460, 5713 and 1484; unnamed pharmacists in those stores; A and T Pharmacy Inc.; and unknown pharmacists there, according to the Cook County Record. Walgreen’s is accused of doling out the medications from 2010 to 2014.

In the complaint, Soltis claims she began seeing Dr. Blaise Wolfrum in 1990 and continued to be treated at his substance abuse center/pain management clinic until 2014. Wolfrum prescribed “mega quantities of controlled substances [powerful narcotics, antipsychotics] to the plaintiff,” the suit states.

The suit also claims Soltis’ 31-year-old son broke into her medicine cabinet in 2013 and accidentally overdosed on her accumulated stockpile of amphetamines, benzodiazepines and morphine. Soltis then tried to kill herself with the excess pills the following day, despondent over her son’s death.

Soltis seeks unspecified damages, plus costs, to be determined by the court.

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  1. This woman is a pathological liar and drug addict. If Walgreens settles, like I’m sure her idiot attorney is hoping, then I will leave them forever. Hopefully someone checks her texts and phone messages and video cameras at walgreens. I’ll bet my last dollar she’s abused the pharmacist who was on to her b.s. and wouldn’t fill her prescriptions early. Does she even realize there is a special computer with names like hers in them. Specifically drug seekers? She acts as if her son was some infantile idiot. My bet again????? She shared her drugs with her son. The last ones she gave him, killed him and she will never take personal responsibility for his death and her ignorance in causing his death. This one is going to be fun to watch it all unfold. Time to stop these drug seekers and money grubbers. Jail time for her! Check for mental health issues and bullying and abuse. Taking bets that she’s all 3 combined.

    • Dona, like yourself, I know this woman, and could not agree more with your assessment of the situation.

      While the surviving members of his family are still grieving and mourning (more specifically, his father, brother and sister), this woman has chosen to seek attention out of greed and selfishness – pure and simple.

      What parent disgraces the memory of their deceased child like this?

  2. This woman’s lawsuit against Walgreen’s is ridiculous! If anyone is responsible for her son’s death, it is him. He was 31 years old. He is a fully grown adult. If the woman wants to point the finger in a direction, other than toward her idiot son, then she should point it to herself. She did not have those medications locked away where he could not get to them. The woman is an idiot and she has an idiot for a lawyer.

  3. This makes me sick!!! My husband is an attorney, and it’s attorneys like this that give the good ones bad reputations!!! I hate lawyers who are only looking for publicity and a quick buck, which Walgreens will give as “nuisance value”. This will never go to trial, but they got publicity!!! Twenty other people will now try the same thing. Grrrrrrr!!!

  4. everything wrong with medicine today. everyone is wrong on this one, MD, RPh, patients. This will only make it worse

  5. Once again….while tragic and sad…no personal responsibility. She would probably suentje automaker id he died in a car accident and had not fastened his seatbelt

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