Seven biggest health problems Americans face


1. Hypothyroidism

2.High cholesterol and high triglycerides

3.Heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease

4. Breathing disorders

5.High blood pressure

6. Diabetes

7. Depression and anxiety

Eli Lilly’s (LLY) Cymbalta fell just below Lantus Solostar in number of prescriptions. Cymbalta is the leading treatment for depression and generalized anxiety disorder.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America estimates that 14.8 million Americans ages 18 and older suffer from a major depressive disorder each year. Around 3.3 million have persistent depressive disorder, a form of depression that lasts for two or more years. Generalized anxiety disorder affects around 6.8 million adults in the U.S.

Since depression and anxiety are common among pts with chronic pain.. I wonder where they got these numbers ?

Common thread for common diseases

One thing that stands out about several of these common diseases affecting millions of Americans is that many people have one or more of these conditions — but don’t know it. This underscores the importance of getting a checkup on a regular basis.

Regardless of what the Gallup survey found, the odds of you getting Ebola are very low. On the other hand, the chances of you or someone in your family already having one of these seven conditions could be higher than you might think. Perhaps the truly biggest healthcare challenge facing Americans is knowing the status of their own health.

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  1. Thank you Steve and Dr. Ibsen. Two out of millions that understand. Each month I live in fear of either my medication not being filled or the Pain clinic is going to cut my medication again for diseases I have had for years and have tried almost all treatment for without success. So far I have refused the spinal stimulator and trying hard to convince the pain clinic that the 20 or so procedures didn’t help and yet they are still trying to schedule them. I know the game from the last clinic-agree to the $1500 dangerous painful expensive useless for me injections or be discharged with no medication. I have a failed fusion, sciatica, sacroilotis,neuropathy, IC and IBS after losing 30% of colon. And of course the anxiety and depression that goes along with chronic pain. I can’t sit or stand much more than 30 minutes with pain medication. But I can bear life with my kindle typing with one finger from bed. Until the last medication cut I was able to spend time with my grandchildren and go to their activities. That joy was taken away with that cut. I have the government to thank for my grandson telling me that he thought I had forgotten him. It’s 5 am and have not been able to sleep yet from the pain. Blessings

  2. Great one. I have only recently encountered patients in pain as a true class of disenfranchised people. They are ALL anxious.
    Every one of them.

    Except the ones whose pain gets handled.

    They are relieved, enlivened, grateful.

    Let’s keep making a difference together.

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