Senator Kamala Harris requested to investigate Medical Board Police Corruption in California

Senator Kamala Harris requested to investigate Medical Board Police Corruption in California


Honorable Kamala D. Harris

United States House of Senate

Washington, DC 20510

URGENT MATTER: Widespread Corruption against Doctors


The Drug Distributors and Big Pharma are unlawfully guiding the Department of Justice (DOJ), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Medical Boards (MB), and other Government Taxpaying Agencies (GTA) regulating the Medical Practice Act. The Washington Post and 60 Minutes conducted a joint investigative research and published it in October of 2017, detailing how the Drug Distributors guided top-level officials employed by the DEA and the DOJ.1 The Drug Distributors paid-off 53 of the U.S. top DEA / DOJ Lawyers, Prosecutors, and Chief Executives, from 2000 to 2017, and members of Congress. Evidence shows these top Government employees switched sides and presently employed with the Drug Distributors. When many people think about professional investigative services, the image of a man wearing a long overcoat and sunglasses and conducting a stakeout with a high-powered camera and binoculars comes to mind. The fact is, however, that there are a wide range of investigative services that you may use over the course of your life, to know more refer investigationhotline. The Drug Distributors called for a Nationwide War against American Peoples in Pain and Doctors who treated them.2 Although the Drug Distributors called for this so-called war against doctors and patients; they utilized GTA’s like the DOJ and the DEA to conduct their war by controlling the top employees of these agencies and by controlling and directing the Mainstream Media to provide false narratives and create a false Nationwide crisis of opioid overdose deaths caused by doctors, a fact that has been proven to be false and malicious.3  The Drug Distributors have created and implemented a Coercive Monopoly using the GTA’s to Run Doctors out of Business and clear the way for “RETAIL” clinics to take over the community base clinic market shares, a scheme that violates Antitrust Laws in the United States.4



The Medical Board is a state regulatory agency and they utilize dully sworn peace officers to investigate doctors and other healthcare providers. The DOJ provide lawyers and prosecutors to team-up with MB law enforcement employees. The state Governor oversees the MB and the state Attorney General directs the DOJ employees. The Governor and the state Attorney General contracts with the Office of Administrative Hearings to hire administrative judges to hear complaints made against doctors and healthcare professionals. The MB / DOJ enforcement team can also access other GTA’s to assist, such as the IRS, DEA, FBI, or Local Police units. The Washington Post joint investigation detailed that the Drug Distributors have control over these agencies that are responsible for regulating doctors by virtue of controlling the top GTA employees and personnel. The doctors and healthcare provider’s rights to due process and fair hearings have been placed in jeopardy by enforcement misconduct, special interest agendas, and serious DOJ misconduct, including murdering of doctors and healthcare providers California:

  • Doctor Anthony Jackson of California gathered several black medical associations and Al Sharpton’s group to sue the MB for discrimination and racism in October of 2016.5 A few days later he suddenly died according to Al Sharpton’s group leaders. This is extremely suspicious and foul play is suspected.
  • Cassandra Hockenson, a CBS investigative reporter working for the MB suddenly died months after Dr. Anthony Jackson. She witnessed the MB publish a false report, the mysterious death of Dr. Jackson, and she was at the venue when Dr. Jackson said the MB was engaged is discrimination against Blacks and people of ethnic color. Her death is extremely suspicious.6
  • An open letter was sent to the MB in December of 2017, requesting for an investigation into Dr. Jackson’s and CBS reporter Cassandra Hockenson deaths and demanding them to stop mocking Dr. Jackson’s Death within their agency.



  • A complaint was sent to Governor Jerry Brown, informing him that CVS Health was colluding with the GTA’s to run doctors out of business, with credible evidence to back-up allegations, as the Washington Post provided about the DEA and DOJ. Brown’s office ignored the complaint and CVS Health is a big donor of Brown and a part of his inner circle.
  • The Attorney General of California, Xavier Becerra, is not competent for AG title or position, he was involved with concealing evidence and providing false evidence to Washington State Capitol Police, in the matter of the Awan’s family scandal.7 Becerra’s leadership enables more unlawful misconduct by DOJ employees by allowing misconduct against doctors and patients in the state of California.
  •  The Governor of California and the State Attorney General supports the Sanctuary State initiative executive orders, which violates Federal Laws and hurts American Blacks and people of Ethnic Color like myself. The lack of respect for the laws and the United States Constitution has led to serious misconduct on all levels, (i) Enforcement, (ii) Judicial, and (iii) Constitutional protections for doctors and citizens of this state.



  • Concealing evidence and exculpatory evidence is extremely common
  • Threatening doctors and witnesses is extremely common
  • Manufacturing evidence against doctors is extremely common
  • Making false statements and committing perjury is extremely common
  • Planting / tampering with chart evidence is extremely common
  • Retaliation, monitoring personal calls, and sending confidential informants to clinics to incriminate doctors unlawfully is extremely common, getting their informants to sue doctors is common, and
  • Colluding with administrative judges to unlawfully remove licenses from doctors in California occurs frequently. Brown appointed Zackery Morazzini, a top AG supervisor to head the Administrative Judges; this is causing a further decline of due process rights for doctors.



In my personal experience with the MB, DOJ, and the Judiciary, I realized there is extreme misconduct and corruption, evidence tampering, retaliation, harassment, manufacturing evidence, perjury, and judicial misconduct was identified.8 I have also looked at numerous cases against doctors like Dr. Ray Salerian, who was sentenced to 4 months in jail in solitary confinement, he was raped, tortured, his attorney Kevin Byers and consultant Siobhan Reynolds were killed in a mysterious plane crash, and then his Centre contributor Dr. Solange McArthur died suddenly. Dr. Salerian life was also threatened and he moved back to his country in Greece.9 The DEA and FBI oversight for government reform also identified innocent peoples murdered by corrupt government employees and confidential informants, who are mostly being deployed towards clinics. Another successful Beverly Hills Turkish doctor, Guven Uzun, sued CVS Health and the MB for telling his patients he was not licensed, for fraud, perjury, and violation of due process rights. CVS attorneys paid-off the judges according to Dr. Uzun and his 10 Million dollar lawsuit against a MB crooked defense attorney whose wife (Dorothy Kim) worked for the prosecution, without his knowledge, and later she was appointed, as a Superior Court Judge, which is outrageous, and Uzun’s lawsuit was thrown out of court on a technicality. Dr. Uzun has written the DOJ and FBI numerous times concerning all the fraud and misconduct going on in California and they intentionally targeted him because of his ethnic background and success as a prestigious Beverly Hills Neurologist.10


CVS Health, is one of the major sponsors of the Tom Marino Bill, they have access to GTA’s confidential investigative files and they are using this unlawfully information to run doctors out of business, like we have seen in the case of Dr. Uzun, and thousands of similar cases by telling patients their doctors are under GTA criminal investigations, this is occurring Nationwide and requires urgent attention.11 This matter is urgent because Drug Distributors are corrupting the Medical Practice Act and destroying the Doctor-Patient relationship by virtue of Fraud and illegal competition.12 The Washington Post Joint Investigation provides substantial proof that the Drug Distributors are controlling GTA’s to create a false opioid crisis concerning doctors and chronic pain patients, and they are using this hysteria to provide accountability for calling patients drug addicts and arresting thousands of U.S. trained doctors, calling them drug dealers, a term coined by the “CVS-DEA” partnership that was identified in 2012 and affirmed in court documents that I received from CVS Attorneys.

Thank you Mr. Barbosa for taking the time to review this important update and sharing this information with Senator Kamala Harris.

Kind regards,

Mr. Billy Z. Earley,

Physician Assistant Healthcare Advocate (PAHA),

National Adviser American Pain Institute (API),

National Adviser Black Doctors Matter (BDM),

Advocate World Sickle Cell Federation (WSCF),

Writer/Contributor Doctors of Courage (DOC).


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