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A couple of weeks ago.. Matt Grant of Channel 2 WESH in Orlando did several pieces on pts not being able to get their controlled meds in Florida.

Video: Pharmacist: Pain killer restrictions can be deadly for patients

Rumor on the street has it that this independent Pharmacist was “paid a visit” by the local DEA and while it does not appear to be a full blown SWAT DEA raid..  The DEA agent in the above video stated that the DEA doesn’t get involved in discouraging pharmacists from filling Rxs for pts..

Rumor has it that this poor Pharmacist – because he spoke up for and defended chronic pain pts getting their medications… he has now had to retain an attorney – at a cost of $5000.00 .. to fend off the intimidating tactics of the DEA…

Perhaps, if you are in the area.. of his pharmacy…   you might find it worth supporting someone that is supportive of the chronic pain community and is getting the short end of the “DEA STICK” because he spoke the truth..  Maybe … it is that the DEA just doesn’t like those the in Pharmacy community speaking up and pointing fingers back to those that are GUILTY of interfering with those in the chronic pain community from getting their meds…

Remember every DEATH begins with DEA !


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  1. DEA man on tv ,

    bold face lies ! they may not tell pharmacys what or how much they can fill but they sure take your DEA lincence if they are not happy with the numbers or if they want to .”over abundance of caution” ?? this is a war against the infirmed ,lame and non – producers or as humane people would say “the handicapped”. its ANIMAL FARM . they are all self righteous sons of cain ! they are causing deaths and suffering . DEA is useless HOW do they ‘PROTECT” the public ??????? who is the public they are protecting ??? if you are not a street drug user then you are not a street drug user if you are a pain pt then you are a pain pt . you have to get a doctor to prescribe FIRST. they put the doctors on the run years ago . they do ‘need to see that pt get their meds . ” what a pig ! I also call for a rally in Orlando .who can get there and how ?? every one is in too much pain to travel that far . .

  2. This is so unfair and wrong. I hope he wins the battle and recoups his loss.

  3. Maybe a little bird should let Matt know of the the DEAs visit and such. The publicity should really make things interesting, or at least maybe his attorney might have a statement to make about the intimidation his client is getting from the government for making use of his 1st Amendment

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