Report of the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

Report of the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment
Juan E. Méndez

Summary The present report focuses on certain forms of abuses in health-care settings that may cross a threshold of mistreatment that is tantamount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. It identifies the policies that promote these practices and existing protection gaps. By illustrating some of these abusive practices in health-care settings, the report sheds light on often undetected forms of abusive practices that occur under the auspices of health-care policies, and emphasizes how certain treatments run afoul of the prohibition on torture and ill-treatment. It identifies the scope of State‟s obligations to regulate, control and supervise health-care practices with a view to preventing mistreatment under any pretext. The Special Rapporteur examines a number of the abusive practices commonly reported in health-care settings and describes how the torture and ill-treatment framework applies in this context. The examples of torture and ill-treatment in health settings discussed likely represent a small fraction of this global problem.

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  1. Like I have said before,,like it or not,,the U.N is thee only agency that try’d to help us,,and actuyally listen’d to us..They made us aware of thee,” informed consent,” issue being completely ignored in the U.S,,and the view what the U.S,,is doing to all Cpp’s as torture,,,,,They repeated all of thee above in the respond to the letter sent to them back in April,2015,,,,The U.N knows exactly what the U.S.,,klonodyn is up to,,and they agree,IT IS TORTURE,,,
    I KEPT PUTTEN OUT THERE ABOUT THEE ,”INFORMED CONSENT,” issue in my comments,as a doctors defense against our government,Against thee 35 year old ,”babies,,” who screamed its the doctors fault ,,,not mine,,,as a mature adult crap,,It is a very valid point to argue legally,thus is a very valid defense!!I got that idea from the U.N,,reply to the letter,,,Why aren’t doctors using thee informed consent legality???
    Like I have written before,,the U.N is not opiatephobic,,,they recgonize that our MEDICINE IS MEDICINE,,, Who knows,,,maybe this is why our government REFUSED to even walk in the building a couple of month back,,,to speak w/the U.N,,human rights groups???
    Thee United States is breaking every international law of torture and treatment,lack of,,for the medically ill..Any other country would be formally charged as violations of thee U.N,International laws on torture,,and the medically ill,,Soo why isn’t the U.S being charged??$$$$$$$$$$$$,,,they have threaten’d before to pull all their aid out of the U.N,,,,if the U.N does not do OBEY the U.S.. o,,,plan and simple,,,,maryw

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