Putting things into perspective

overdosedeathAnd we don’t really know how many of those 16K are actually suicides.. we don’t know how many are from Heroin because Heroin is metabolized into Morphine in the body..

If 16 K is a EPIDEMIC… what is the 450 K from tobacco products ? a NON ISSUE ?

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  1. Yup, it’s all about the money and the biggest headlines.
    And taking pain meds away from truly legit chronic pain patients over a few bad apples that they could catch and deal with, if they truly tried, and a small amount of deaths per year.
    That pic, is absolutely hysterical, but 100% truth!

  2. You don’t hear about those things because they didn’t help people they want to take away the only meds that give people like me a little bit of what’s called a life. But they don’t care it’s all about the money.

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