Protest Washington DC : Oct 20th — My body … My choice — all chronic health issues should have access to treatment

I know it’s late but wanted to put this up for review . I want to send this to as many groups as we can please let me know what everyone thinks good, or bad. Sorry again I know it’s late for some. Hello, I am writing to everyone that is a pain suffer. Since the 2016 guidelines we have had medications taken away from us, cut back, cut off and left out in the cold to deal with our pain issues great and small. We are not seeing anyone in DC, the DEA or the CDC coming to our rescue so we must do something to get the attention of the media, elected officials, big pharma and insurance companies. A Protest is being set up to take place in October in DC by Pain Patients. We’re not doing this as single organization but as a community of pain patients and we need as many people to join in as possible. We write our elected officials and receive that same form letter, we appreciate you contacting us blah, blah, blah and know that we will look into this. Nope, same letter different elected officials . It’s time that we stand, sit, roll to DC to make all voices heard. It’s time to put aside who represents who, it is you representing yourself for being denied the right to a quality of life. We are Americans, we have paid our dues, taxes, insurance rates, co-pays etc. we need to speak up for ourselves, our grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers, spouses and top of the list for some of us our children. I am asking you who are leaders of whichever group you belong to to spread the information about this protest in DC so that we can show our numbers, will it be hard yes but we fight off hard every day. Encourage your friends and families that are not currently fighting through everyday pain and to fight for the right to have our doctors able to treat without fear of the DEA. Please share, this is not just 1 or 2 groups, this is an entire community of sufferers. Thank you for your time and please again let’s put aside any issues between us and come together as 1 pain community. Bring your poster, where whatever you want just come together for 2 hours on 1 day and save the pain community. Pain does not care who you are, your status, your net worth. Pain takes everyone into its group. Thank you for your time and I hope to see a crowd of fighters in October

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  1. I think that it’s great that someone is trying to organize pain patients for a protest.
    However, how, exactly, am I supposed to attend when I can’t even walk 50 feet without excruciating pain?
    I live in Central New York State, so it would be a bit of a trip, and I don’t drive anymore.

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