Professional discretion meets fear of media attention ?


MY story from TODAY and my issues with CVS and what happened!! Very interesting! I went to CVS yesterday to get my hydrocodone script filled. I wanted it filled today so I would have my meds for first thing tomorrow morning when I wake up because I would be taking the last pill this evening. They refused to fill the script until tomorrow. (Wednesday) So what I did was I printed out the LOGO from the top of this page, then I went to WESH 2 NEWS page and printed out Matt Grants story about INVESTIGATING what we are ALL going through.

I took this information with me to CVS today around noon. I asked to SPEAK to the pharmacist. I said to him ok, here’s the deal….

I am an advocate and member of this group, showed him to LOGO, and we are planning a RALLY in Tallahassee to fight the INHUMANE issues we patients are having with getting our prescriptions filled. We have gotten “Investigative Reporter Matt Grant from WESH 2 NEWS” involved in this also, he is doing a STORY and helping us get to the BOTTOM of this. We are speaking with the DEA, pharmacists, insurance companies, and legislators and we WILL NOT STOP until we have answers and this INHUMANE stuff STOPS.

I said I called my insurance company this morning AND they TOLD me prescriptions are ALLOWED to be REFILLED once the patient has taken at least 75% of their medication from previous script. AND I told the insurance company that my pharmacy is refusing to FILL my script UNTIL I am completely out of my medication.

I said EVERYONE I know who takes medications takes there medications as SOON as they get out of BED in the morning. Well SIR I get out of bed every morning at 6 am. ONCE AGAIN i WILL not HAVE MY pain MEDS WHICH I NEED FIRST THING IN THE MORNING TO START FUNCTIONING ABOUT AN HOUR LATER AFTER TAKING MY MEDS.

You’re telling me I cannot pick up my filled script until LATE morning. This means I suffer UNTIL I can DRAG my BUTT in HERE to pick up my script.

I said I just want to LET YOU know we are NOT giving up this fight UNTIL we have our HUMAN RIGHTS BACK as PAIN PATIENTS. He said well threatening us is not going to get you anywhere. I said “I am NOT threatening you, I am making you aware that next time I will be coming in here with the MEDIA who will be RECORDING our conversations where you are denying me my pain meds when they SHOULD be getting filled. And then I said thank you for your time I will see you tomorrow when my script is READY…..

I came home, a half hour AFTER I was home my phone rang, it was the pharmacist. He SAID , I filled your prescription it is ready you can come pick it up any time today!!!

hhmmmmm INTERESTING… what exactly changed his mind and made him do this?????? What do YOU think????

I marched my butt in there an hour later and picked up my script and then looked HIM straight in the eye and kindly said thank you and he said you’re welcome. And I turned and walked out.

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  1. The rules from the DEA say that controlled substance can’t be refilled early… So TECHNICALLY, they can’t be refilled until your out….. However, I believe in the spirit of the law, not just the letter. I wouldn’t force someone to take their last Levothyroxine before I filled the next script, so why would I do that to a maintenance pain medication? Heck, most pharmacists wouldn’t force you to fill your meloxicam when you’re out, so why force your hydrocodone?

    However, we do need rules, they are controlled substances, so must obey the spirit of the law, as well as our professional responsibilities. I will fill most controlled substances 2 to 3 days early, depending on their refill history. If someone always wants it early, I’ll hold to 2 days, and in some extreme cases to the day; but normal patients who get a few days early, or a few days late depending on the month, I’ll give 3 or more days leeway.

    Either way, when or if I fill a script is totally dependent on my professional option. I don’t want someone who needs to go without, which also means I might withhold from those I doubt to make sure I have supply for those that need. But, once I make a decision, no camera crew would make me change my mind.

  2. Good for this chronic pain patient. He used his head, kept his cool and that pharmacist finally saw that he was right. She filled his script. But should he of had to go through all this? No he shouldn’t. Makes me sick..

  3. CVS nor WAGS will fill a control RX even one day before 30 days… Period.
    The person in this piece probably is a chronic pain patient who gets a control script monthly… So it is a “refill” to THE PATIENT, but not written that way nor seen that way in the legal sense.
    For example my rheumy prescribes me hydrocodone every month. To me, it is a refill because I’ve been in them six months now and will continue to be on them until one of the magic RA meds we are trying decides to work. But legally it is not a refill because the doctor cannot write for more than 30 day supply.
    I hope that makes sense rk…

    I have to add a big fat BRAVO to this patient for finding a way to advocate for themselves without being hostile!!! Very smart!!! And also a big fat THANK U to Matt Grant do helping those who suffer this inhumanity!!!

  4. Unless the script says do not fill before (such date) or is extremely early what’s the big deal? If the pharmacist is concerned all they have to do is call the Dr and inquire document it’s ok to fill with contact info etc or it’s not. Easy cheesy.

  5. Just curious couldnt your insurance company of called them and done something?when you say refill do,u mean a new prescription if not where do u live that they give you refills on pain meds?

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