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This little blog of mine started in Feb 2011 and for the first year.. it just kind of “bounced around” until one year later when I finally got my act together and posting on a regular basis..  Three years ago.. a “good day” is when I got 30 page views.. yesterday my PEAK HR of page views was 301 and page views for this year (2015) has already surpassed the page views for the entire year (2013)

Almost every week .. when I have thought that I had seen/heard just about everything and that brick wall that I seem to beating my head against… is like trying to walk forward against hurricane strength wind… just a single “crumb” of there is still hope of making progress..

This may be a shocker to many of my readers but I tend to lean toward conservative/libertarian political beliefs..  Last night.. I was on the computer any my TV is on over my shoulder.. so I am “listening” to TV..  There is this new program on Fox Business called KENNEDY…   This 42 y/o woman… born in Indianapolis, raised in Oregon and went to UCLA … IMO.. she is both a very intelligent and has a quick mind, wit, and “tongue”.

Last week she was talking about MJJ, Heroin and the war on drugs and her Libertarian point of view mandates less governmental control/intervention. After last weeks show.. I sent out a tweet to her suggesting that she look at the Harrison Narcotic Act and how she should look into the motivation behind this law ( bigotry & racism).

Last night, she is debating MMJ with a – IMO – “left leaning socialist”…  Keep in mind I am “listening to the show” while working on my laptop.. and I hear Kennedy… mention why/how the war on drugs started – RACISM, Chinese, and the N-word..  Luckily I have a TIVO with a “rewind” button.. I literally stopped in my tracks..  She didn’t mention the Harrison Narcotic Act but did mention a article or two from the NEW YORK TIMES in 1914.

I have been able to get the show off of the TIVO and on to my IPAD.. but.. haven’t yet figured out how to get it off the IPAD..  so I can share my “shock”. BTW… poor person debating Kennedy was only able to reference a 63 page report from the DEA and as sources of rebuttal… He… He… He…. The woman she was debating was still smiling as time ran out.. but .. I would bet she wasn’t smiling after the camera had been turned off

Today, the producer for a investigative reporter at Channel 13 (ABC) in Las Vegas… with a link to a piece that was done two days ago on “I’m not comfortable” This investigative reporter had already done 5 other pieces over the past year and I had exchanged emails with this producer. But that is a first that a producer has sent me a link to their piece…

Thanks to all my readers, those that make comments and all those that forward me emails of interesting – or damning – material…  Collectively, we are being recognized…. progress/success will follow….

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  1. Love Kennedy!! I ususally catch her.on ‘Outnumbered” i’m still figuring the twitter thing…just too slow yet b/c Redeye was discussing some that way more people died from alcohol use than smoking weed…I know Guttfeld runs along the same…conservative/libertarian. But no this particular TV doesnt DVR.

  2. It is nice to be recognized, even better to be effective and useful to the cause in which you fight for. Keep up the good work Steve!

    Wish I would have read this piece before listening to the Channel 13 video.
    It inspired me to email them about what recourse(s) their viewers have to battle this ridiculous profiling (all gained by reading from your site here). My guess is that these pharmacists might look a bit ‘rough’ w/out medications to dampen their pain as well. Taking a shower and going to the orthopedic doctor was so much I was wiped out for most of the next day. Whatever happened to compassion and why are these aholes, (who want desperately to be viewed as essential healthcare providers rather than bean-counters who could be replaced by a chimp) not called out by more than the handful of people who you constantly see over and over again on yours and other patient advocate blogs?

    News stories like the one by Ch 13 are invaluable to legitimate patients who need pain treatment (and other non-controls roadblocked by insurance companies). The worm has to turn at some point no?

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