Pharmacists using tougher guidelines to curb medication misuse

WFLA News Channel 8

From the article:

Retired Sheriff detective David Gottgalf suffers with extreme pain from severe arthritis. So he was shocked when his Walgreens pharmacist recently cut off his methodone and oxycodone.

“They walked up to me, in the pharmacy, and said to me, “We can no longer fill your prescriptions. You are classified as no longer a good-faith customer,” Gottgalf said.

He contends there was no reason. His prescription didn’t changed and he filled it at the same pharmacy for seven years.

“I have enough to deal with living with this pain, to treat me like this is not right,” he said.

I would not wish chronic pain on anyone.. but.. how ironic is it that a retired Sheriff Detective has gotten caught in WAG’S “good faith policy” DRAGNET ?

Maybe he will talk with Florida AG Pam “fill up the jails” Bondi ?

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  1. What a shame and how cruel. Has happened to to many.

  2. Cvs too!!

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