Pain-Warriors – the movie -to be released May 25th – pre-order now from Amazon

Pain-Warriors – the movie -to be released May 25th – pre-order now from Amazon

Dear friends ,

We DID it ! Pain Warriors is officially released , and available for viewing worldwide . A big thank you for everyone’s belief in us .

We need your support , at this crucial time of programming Pain Warriors across North America and beyond , while the film is fresh out of the door.

Our reviews on IMDb are up to 17 ! From my direct community outreach efforts , the past 2 weeks .

Good reviews , Lots of them , are what make us noticed and desirable to Media, cable TV and Netflix , etc.

Please , if you, your spouse, family member or friend has viewed our film and you are not in the tail credits , leave a review NOW on the IMDb site link below. Time is of the essence.

We are in our peak selling time to broadcasters.

Thanks so much, Tina Petrova
May the force be with us ! Team Pain Warriors.

Here is the direct link below to the IMDb review page .

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  1. I would also like to point out that on 3/21/17, PBS aired a special entitled “The Painful Truth”. It might have been shown a time or two, then PBS archived it. The special was along the lines of this movie (“Pain Warriors”). It looks like the video will expire on 2/28/21. After that date, it will (probably) never be available for public viewing again. It will be forgotten as though it never existed. It is a good and well done video, and PBS needs to re-show this video now more than ever. The link to this video is:

    But, without public pressure to do so, PBS will never consider re-showing this video. It would now be politically incorrect to do so in light of all the negative opioid publicity. In fact, PBS appears to have now “jumped on the band wagon” of showing segments regarding the opioid crisis that are full of misleading/false information and unexplained statements about those “big numbers” of opioid prescriptions written and the “massive numbers of pills” used.

    I would like to request that PBS re-show this video and have that request “go viral” so that PBS understands (by the large number of requests) that it needs to place this video back on its schedule. But, unfortunately, I am not a big social media person (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, etc.), I have never done a “retweet” in my life, and I don’t know how to “fire up” the cpp community to do this. I also don’t know who at PBS is the decision maker on what does (and what does not) get scheduled for showing on TV, or which department of PBS to contact via a social media account.

    Can anyone suggest how we in the cpp community can contact PBS in large numbers to request that they bring this video back to the TV screen for public viewing (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)? What other cpp web sites might we involve in this effort to educate the public about the plight of the cpp community.

    If someone else that is a social media “expert” wants to jump in and take over this idea, feel free. My purpose, as a cpp, is to help in any way I can to bring to an end the injustices that are being done to that segment of the population that can least defend itself (i.e., the cpp community). I have no interest in taking any credit, “getting a pat on the back”, etc. We all have to stand united and “push back” against the propaganda that is being shoveled down the throats of the public. This is one more way we might do that very thing.

    Thanks very much for reading this comment. Please watch “The Painful Truth” video at the link given above.


  2. I watched the movie as suggested and wanted to point out a couple of things for people reading this comment to be aware of. None of these items are in anyway “show stoppers”. The iMDb site does require one to register before any review or comment can be left for a movie. That’s a bit bothersome if, like me, you never use the site and only need one time access. But, the good news is that it is free. So spend a little time, get registered, and leave a good/excellent review. If you are a member of the cpp community, you will be doing yourself a favor as well as me (another cpp).

    If you are not in the cpp community, please help out with this effort. It is critical for people with chronic pain to get the help and proper medication they need. By bringing their current situation to the attention of the public we will be one step closer in getting the draconian treatment of people in pain brought to an end. Watching this movie and giving it an “excellent” review on iMDb will help this effort tremendously.

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