Organic Chemistry Prof Fired for Being Tough on Students

This quote from this professor is such HOR$E $HIT… 

“This is the entitlement generation,” Starnes said. “I don’t want any surgeon cutting on my body who failed organic chemistry. I want the best of the best.”

I had a surgeon who was a good friend and his biggest concern – and he shared it often –  he was somewhat insecure on his ability to properly diagnose health issues that needed a surgical intervention…  He would say that he would rather someone else diagnosed “what needed to be cut out “…  he was very confident of his surgical skills.

Personally, I see very little relationship between being able to pass Organic Chemistry and being a competent surgeon.

Actually the Professor that I had for Inorganic chemistry was probably the biggest arrogant ba$tard of all my college professors.  At the time, I was a chemistry major and I was going to a local extension of Indiana University.  There was abt 100 students in two different chemistry classes – one day class abd one night class – both taught by the same professor…  The first day of class this professor told the class that 60%-70% would not be taking the second semester of Chemistry… BECAUSE that is typically how many of his students gets a “D” or “F” in the first semester class.  This was a first level college chemistry course, but his doctorate was in physical chemistry – which is course work you take after taking Inorganic and Organic level courses..  and much of his instruction was more about physical chemistry level work.  Explains why most of student taking this/his course….  most everyone – at best – had only had some high school chemistry.  I got a “B” this semester … so on I go with about 30 others in the class to second semester inorganic chemistry class – with the same professor.   When the final for the second semester came around… this ARROGANT JERK… said that the final was going to be over BOTH SEMESTERS.  The test was suppose to be a TWO HOUR TEST… and I was the first one done at 2:10 -2:20 and I got a 94 on the test and the JERK would not give me a “A”, I guess my grade point average for the semester was in the “B” range.  I guess that getting a “A” grade on a two semester final … was no proof to him that I knew the material.  It was useless to argue about the grade, because I was already accepted and going to Butler U in the fall to major in pharmacy and grade points do not transfer… just credit for taking and passing courses at another accredited university. This was the only teacher/professors in my 13 yrs of education to have a semester final test over both semesters of the course work.  Pursuit of a college degree can be such an interesting journey 🙁


An organic chemistry professor at New York University has been fired for being a tough grader.

Maitland Jones Jr., who has taught college students for decades, was booted from teaching after students petitioned his removal. The students complained that his class was too difficult.

The 84-year-old educator also told the Times that the real loss of focus by students began years ago, but the pandemic made matters worse.

He also reported that students weren’t showing up to his class, and those complaining weren’t putting in the work needed to succeed.

National radio host Todd Starnes slammed the snowflake students on the “Todd Starnes Show” Thursday.

“This is the entitlement generation,” Starnes said. “I don’t want any surgeon cutting on my body who failed organic chemistry. I want the best of the best.”



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