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Anhedonia is a diverse array of deficits in hedonic function, including reduced motivation or ability to experience pleasure. While earlier definitions of anhedonia emphasized the inability to experience pleasure, anhedonia is used by researchers to refer to reduced motivation, reduced anticipatory pleasure, reduced consummatory pleasure, and deficits in reinforcement

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  1. These people are truly evil! How can they look at people with serious injuries and or diseases as just wanting validation? No, we are sick and you sure as hell don’t mind taking our money, this is to build the psychiatric community so they can push their opinions off on us! I have NO desire to see a psychiatrist and the lady who stood up at one of the last HHS meetings and said quote ” There is no money in pain psychology, so if doctors would make their patients facing surgery see them it would help” doesn’t tell you this is about putting MONEY in THEIR pockets at our expense then you have missed the motive for them. If this were truly about helping addicts some of the billions that have been handed out to each state would be being used to help them pay for rehab! Wake up folks, the gloves need to come off and we need to fight as dirty as they are!

  2. Truly incredible, insurance and industry shills, defining health related policies. Of course they will do what is most profitable for their clients. This is the result of rampant Neo Liberalism, and profiteering in healthcare. Lembke is the worst of all, she regularly speaks to the insurance industry and employers for a nice fee.


    She has some wacko ideas like this one that is very popular,

    “As Lembke observes from her own practice, many patients “visit a doctor’s office not to recover from illness, but to be validated in their identity as a person with an illness.”

    This myth has perpetuated everywhere, and certainly ruined healthcare visits for a lot of injured, damaged and sick people. The people who received implants that the FDA hid the adverse incident reports on merely wanted “validation.” There is no need to evaluate the condition or the damage, and this would apply to stroke victims and injured workers.

    Lembke is a Gas Lighter, determined to help industries profit, while injured employees and patients are told they only want validation. It is pretty obvious these attention seeking psychiatrists will come up with any kind of justifications for their dark ages, distorted reality. According to her line of thinking, injured people should just walk it off and get back to work. Once upon a time, people in pain went to their doctors so they could fix their ailment. Seeing a physician is no day at the beach, it is mostly unpleasant, unless the physician is a decent human being.

    One has to wonder how many people with cancer, saw a physician, and the physician believed they were only seeking validation. I know of several people who sought out a physician due to cancer symptoms and were put off. This led to and even worse cancer, because the cancer metastasized. This was more profitable for the physician and his employer, multiple rounds of Chemo, and a lot of procedures, and eventual death and financial ruin for his family. of course ti the physician had recognized the cancer, he could be alive now.


    “Patients have figured out that by adopting the sick role and signing up for disability, they can pay their bills and yet in order to validate the sick role status, they have to participate in the healthcare system, which means taking certain types of pills.” – Dr. Anna Lembke Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. (General Psychiatry and Psychology-adult)

    This sounds like a false narrative that the industries would like to adopt. It is terrifying that a person like this can justify these words.
    It is no wonder that people in bad situations are so demeaned belittled and denied care, even though they are still billing for it. Of course there is no factual data to back up her claims, only beliefs. One wonders how many suicides she has caused directly with these ill thought out lies and propaganda. This is false narrative that is designed to remove accountability, and ensure industry profits.


    America under Neo-liberalism the land of alternate facts, as long as they are profitable.

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