One more thing for customers to bitch about at the register !

As of Sunday ( Jan 27th) merchants can pass along charge card merchant transaction fees to the customers that use charge cards – but not Debit cards..

10 states have some prohibition or laws that will limit or prohibit the surcharge.

Then again.. this may end up like the PBM’s and those “negotiated contracts”… no one will buck the card holders by passing along the surcharge… because people might go to a competitor that doesn’t…

For the consumer.. this may end up being a non-issue..

Personally, I use a couple of  reward charge cards… and if I don’t get rewards… I will return to cash… they are not getting my purchasing data.. unless they pay me with some sort of rewards.

Those of you who work for the “BIG BOYS” … what are you being told  about this ?

Update 01/27/13.. it was announced on the news today that Walmart, Target and Toys R US  has stated that they will not pass along the transaction fee along to customers…

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