Obviously this is one of major MMJ players ?

State of Texas Forcing Epileptic Man to Suffer, Facing Jail Time for Trying to Self-Medicate


Port Arthur, Texas – Epileptic and self-prescribed medical marijuana patient Jeremy Bourque is facing jail time for growing 3 marijuana plants that were intended to be used for personal medical consumption.

Jeremy’s home was raided back in April and he was charged with possession and cultivation of marijuana, and now he is due in court this week to begin his trial.

Jeremy was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 15 and has been hospitalized more than 10 times since his diagnosis, including one time in which he was in a coma for over a week.

Over the years, Jeremy has learned to manage his condition with medical marijuana. Unfortunately since his arrest he has lost access to his medicine and is now experiencing heightened symptoms as a result.


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  1. Jury Nullification

  2. Just another example of stupid police!

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