NYC: Democratic Primary Winner Declares Victory For ‘Socialism’

If this is representative of the USA’S potential future ?… for some reason… makes me not unhappy for being near the end of my life expectancy. Is it just me, but is this another female from New York city and looks/sounds like AOC ?

Because of the 2020 Census – 7 states gained House members and 7 states lost House members..  A member of the House represents about 700,000 constituents in their state. So during the 2010-2020 period abt FIVE MILLION of our citizens shifted the states they live in and from the graphic below – TEXAS was the biggest winner. California – for the first time EVER – lost a seat in the House, because of  MORE PEOPLE MOVING OUT THAN MOVING IN.

I have a concern that “socialism” will lead to some sort of universal health insurance and if we follow Canada’s lead … here is a recent article about the state of Canada’s healthcare system Euthanasia Is Now A Leading Cause Of Death In Canada, And Ethicists Are Freaking Out   and guess who may be first on THE LIST,  the high acuity – sickest of the sick and the ones that are consuming the most healthcare $$$ ?

Which States Won — And Lost — Seats In The 2020 Census?

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  1. For quite sometime now we have been experiencing health-care for them and health-care for us. Your social status and insurance determines the care you get. I know single payer works well in Taiwan.

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