Numbers never lie and liars always figures and OPINIONS turn into FACTS !

Over the last decade opiate OD’s from pharma opiates has been relatively FLAT and apparently the CDC does not know or does not want to divulge how many of those OD with pharma opiates were from DIVERTED PHARMA OPIATES – which when a pharma opiate is diverted it AUTOMATICALLY BECOME AN ILLEGAL OPIATE…

Of  course, the typical OD’s toxicology contains 4 to 7 difference substances – with one typically being the drug ALCOHOL and  when the coroner bothers to check… the OD victim did not have a legally prescribed pharma opiate showing in the state’s PDMP.

My money would be on any OD and finding a opiate in toxicology and they had a legally prescribed pharma opiate… that their OD is a SUICIDE… but since the OD had a opiate in their toxicology that their death is labeled “opiate related death.

This youtube video started out saying how many people have friends/relatives or knew someone who had a friend/relative that had a substance abuse problem and/or OD’d.  So you can guess up front…where the content of the video is going to go.  When I viewed the video that was posted TODAY (09/22/2021) already had 27,000 views and 1500 “thumbs up” and 31 “thumbs down”

Have you ever noticed that (DAMN) few family/friends of chronic pain pts advocate for the chronic painer that they know ? Have you ever noticed that most all of the FB pages devoted to chronic painers… are CLOSED…  whatever it posted  on there CAN’T BE SHARED…

My blog has been around for 10 yrs and page views are approaching 2.5 MILLION and <1% bothered to leave a comment and virtually NO ONE SHARES A POST…

The more I think about it… the more the chronic pain community reminds me of the people in this commercial to hide behind a “paper mask”.

One chronic painer point out to me the other day that is appears that only Red and myself are highly visible spouses advocates for the community… 100+ million chronic painers and JUST TWO SPOUSES are visibly advocating.

This youtube video… you seldom/ever see a substance abuser/addict being visible – until they become sober.. then they become counselors at some rehab facility and their family and friends seem more than ready to come out when a family/friend OD’s and dies…

The community can try to hide their face… but your ass is still visible… all 50 states now have  PDMP databases… many states have signed up for Narxcare  and have handed over your PDMP data and other medical records to this FOR PROFIT BUSINESS to create a potential “ADDICTION SCORE” and then the states are paying Appriss Health to get access to this company’s aggregate of medical data on individuals that they are being prescribed a controlled substance  and the arbitrary “addiction risk score” assigned to every person.

There has already been incidents reported where the DEA now requires that if your dog/cat is prescribed a controlled substance…  it must be reported to the state’s PDMP under the owners name and then NARXCARE “dings” the person’s potential addiction score.. .because it appears in the PDMP that you are seeing more than one prescriber and getting controlled meds from more than one prescriber.  Apparently the HIPAA rules have been suspended/revoked in regards to the medical records of people who have a valid medical necessity for being prescribed controlled substances…. but…since most of the people being prescribed controlled substances are DISABLED… is this “sharing of data”  a civil rights violation/discrimination of HIPAA & ADA/Civil Rights Laws ?

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  1. Thank you Steve. I am guilty. My conditions urge me to stay in the background, to not participate.

    I have a FB account, but never participate. I have shared, maybe, a dozen things in 10 years.

    I opened a twit account years ago, but only used for the very first time to follow you and attempt to participate. What a blessing, albeit nearly impossible most days to even take a peek on the daily.

    I couldn’t begin to repay you for your efforts in this space, with DoC and the pain community at large. I know you are not asking 🙂

    I can, at least, make an effort to share this content.

    Thank you for standing for those of us who, most times, struggle to exist.

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