New CDC opiate dosing guidelines – Just kicking the can down the road – a bureaucratic specialty

New CDC opiate dosing guidelines – Just kicking the can down the road – a bureaucratic specialty

Did anyone notice that Dr Chou is back again with these new CDC guidelines – wasn’t that the guy on the last “secret committee” that – at the time – stated that he had no conflicts of interest, but several years later changed his “no conflicts” to admitting that he had conflicts of interest when he help to develop the 2016 guidelines ?

There is some 20 pages of footnotes/references in this 211 pages of proposed guidelines and it look like it to me that a whole page of references. Guess who was listed as one of the authors of those references – CHOU

It will take another FOUR YEARS for things to come to the surface that these VOLUNTARY GUIDELINES are being misread, misinterpreted and wrongly used to create policies and procedures for many health care corporations and for many bureaucrats at all levels of state/fed government to implement new/revised regulations to align with what their interpretation of these guidelines are.

Has the community had enough of all of this bureaucratic BS ? OPEN YOUR EYES… they are using our legal system to deny you pain management and screwing with your quality of life and maybe even life itself.  How many of you know someone who has committed suicide and/or died prematurely ?  How many of you have had your blood pressure to increase to “stroke territory” and your prescriber now has you on up to four different BP meds and nothing is changed.  Is your prescriber is not BRIGHT ENOUGH to put two and two together to figure out that they have reduced or eliminated your pain meds and your BP goes up dramatically ?

Just look at what is going on with the TRUCKERS in CANADA … these good people have been working for the last two years – all during this pandemic – to get the products that everyone of us need everyday.  Now, all of sudden, they have to proved that they have been vaccinated to cross the USA/Canada border.  The truckers had a go fund me account set up and amassed around TEN MILLION and the go fund me company decided that the truckers were violent and confiscated that 10 million was going to give it to charities that go fund me approved of…  almost immediately the Gov of FL and the AG of TX started going after go fund me… go fund me caved and refunded all the donations to the people that had made the donations.

Then the truckers when to a new donation site GiveSendGo and raised abt NINE MILLION and then some bureaucrat from Canada decided to declare that the truckers were a PUBLIC NUISANCE and is trying to confiscate that money… does this sound familiar –  what J&J & TEVA pharma was found guilty of for selling FDA approved opiate meds ?

I have published over and over charts … now one that shows that it is expected by the end of the decade that the number of OD’s from illegal Fentanyl analogs and other illegal drugs will DOUBLE from the number in 2021. The DEA started in 1973 with the philosophy that prescribing Rx opiates caused addiction … which leaded to illegal drugs and OD’s.  The CDC & DEA has now had to admit that 75% of all drug OD’s have a illegal fentanyl analog – and according to Wikipedia.. there is some 400 different analogs and ONLY ONE IS FDA APPROVED FOR HUMAN USE and all those tablets they show of the news many nights … is all illegal Fentanyl analogs – because there is no FDA approved solid dosage form of the FDA approved Fentanyl .

The DEA can’t stand up now and admit that they have been wrong for 5 decades… we spend over 100 billion/yr fighting the war on drugs… that covers (partial or full) a lot of paychecks … starting with the cop on the street, county, state, private/public jails/prisons, courts, judges, defense attorneys… on and on..   If the DEA folded – our unemployment rate would at least DOUBLE !

Talking/communicating with members of Congress, signing petitions, having a few dozen people having a protest somewhere… what good has it done?  IMO, the only thing left is THE LAW. Those interested in advocating for themselves ,… go to this website and on the front page click on BLOG link … that will take you to my blog that FAKE BOOK will not let me link to on a FAKE BOOK post.. Go to the RESOURCE TAB on the top of the first page… go to near the bottom of that page and look for a link label “call their bluff with a letter from attorney ?

IMO, the CDC has just KICKED THE CAN DOWN THE ROAD and if these proposed guidelines are adopted, may just lower the bar as to what is considered the standard of care and best practices for pain management and we have a pretty good idea what the DEA is going to start doing …  Warning/threatening prescribers if they don’t lower everyone’s dose to at or below the new standard… they are going to jail..  More and more in the community will be put into a torturous levels of pain, become bed/chair/house confined and either commit suicide or suffer a premature death from under/untreated pain.




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