More smoke and mirrors from the PBM’s directed at seniors

According to a press release from NCPA,  United Health and their AARP Part D program.. have sent correspondence to all of those enrolled in this program that they could “save money” if they went to one of the 14,600 pharmacies… which excludes most regional chains and most/all indys… think 75% of the community pharmacies are excluded.

According to the press release… those seniors that are Medicare/Medicaid and/or low income co-pay subsidies… will not save the first PENNY on any Rx!

ALL those seniors that get brand name Rxs will not save the first PENNY on any Rx !

Those low-copay drugs that are covered… will only save the pt $1 -$2 per Rx over going to any other pharmacy.

Is CMS up to its old tricks… allowing certain entities within the Part D system to covertly manipulate seniors into thinking that they have to patronize a particular pharmacy chain.

If you remember, the first year of Part D, some Part D providers allowed certain chains to put their logos on the pt’s part D card… after numerous complaints from different pharmacy associations… CMS told those that did this .. NOT TO DO IT AGAIN… of course.. all those cards with chain logos were already out there and CMS did not mandate that those cards being replaced. Could we conclude that CMS is complicit with permitting/allowing certain Part D entities to mislead the seniors on Medicare?

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