MJ is LEGAL in Colorado … but it is ILLEGAL to grow it

DEA operation targeting illegal pot grows in Pueblo County


The Drug Enforcement Administration said it is currently conducting a large-scale operation targeting illegal marijuana grows in multiple counties in Southern and Eastern Colorado, including in Pueblo County.

 The DEA said it is working on the operation here in conjunction with the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office and 10th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

The DEA said organizations that have come to the state to grow pot and ship it back out of the state are the targets of the operation.

Details about the raids have not been released yet, as the efforts are ongoing, the DEA said.

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  1. Thomas Jefferson stated,”IF people let government decide what medicines they take,their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as souls living under tyranny.” Federal raids of cannabis grows could and should not be happening in a free nation.Legalize at the federal level and all the drama will be over.Why haven’t they been smart enough to have learned from the example of the foolish alcohol prohibition days?

    • Prohibition didn’t bring in as much money to government agencies as marijuana has,does and will. I will be more than surprised if they ever let go of their cash cow!

  2. The PEOPLE VOTED to legalize marijuana so therefore it should be legal to grow,buy, sell and use without interference from the feds! I know it’s going to affect the job security of some law enforcement as well as the government alphabet soup but it should be their problem not the problem of the citizens who voted to make it legal! It just shows that the will of the people and their wishes don’t mean a thing!

  3. Here’s a novel idea…de-list Cannabis, all species, from the CSA ’70 scheduling and that way, no one will be growing it and exporting it elsewhere for illicit sale…unless an individual state decides to maintain prohibition. Then it becomes the problem for that state and keeps the Feds out of everyone else’s nose. Let the people decide…after all, isn’t that one of the propositions that this country was founded on?

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