Masks: the cure could be worse than the disease

I have posted something like this before based and some came out of the “woodwork” and attempted to discredit me…. my experience with over ONE THOUSAND PTS using oxygen supplementation and the potential risk of people re-breathing the CO2 that they have just exhaled.  When you have a pt on nasal cannula their normal flow is 2 LPM (Liters per minute) but when you put a pt on a O2 MASK… you are required to increase their flow to 5-6 LPM for no other reason but to flush the mask they are using so that they don’t re-breathe the CO2 that they just exhaled.

CO2 is more dense/heavier than Oxygen… so if a person re-breathes the CO2 that they exhaled. it is possible for it to settle into the bottom of their lungs and blocking the alveoli which is the part of the lungs that assimilates the oxygen from the lungs into the arterial blood system.

So the person wearing a mask is at risk of developing hypoxia (Low oxygen saturated arterial blood).  This video demonstrates that within < one minute the CO2 within a mask is at dangerous levels.

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  1. Counterpoint to this demonstration: we are running a nationwide experiment, gathering empirical evidence. If just a few breaths were sufficient to drive up CO2 levels dangerously high, wouldn’t people be dropping over left and right? With millions of Americans now making mask-wearing a part of their daily routine (not to mention those for whom it already was), then people with hypoxemia and hypercapnia would be all around us.

    This is the same argument we bring to bear on opioids when people say, “There’s a bazillion pills! Enough for every American to take an opioid ten times over!” (or whatever stat they’re using). To which we say, “Okay cool… so where are all the deaths then?” If there’s that many pills, you should be able to point to a disturbingly large number of OD’s and deaths. The fact that they *don’t* exist in the numbers they should is all the counterargument you need.

  2. I agree.

  3. The chance of grabbing enough Corona out of the air to start an infection that can progress is pretty super dang small. Of much greater concern is where your hands have been.
    …Such as mask touchers, touch, touch, touch…
    No hands to face until washed, EVER.

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