Mark Suckerberg has LOST some 40-50 billion in net worth because of the TUMBLING VALUE OF META (FB) FAKE BOOK STOCK

This is the stock value of META (FB) “FAKEBOOK” as of abt 3:45 today… over the last six months the value of a share of FAKEBOOK is WORTH ALMOST HALF OF WHAT IT WAS AT ITS HIGHEST PRICE OVER THE LAST YEAR !  In fact Meta’s price hit a 52 WEEK LOW (207.16) TODAY.

52 week high is 384.33 and closed today at 207.16

I got a message from FAKE BOOK last night that they had deleted a number of posts linked to my blog on Feb 15th… and apparently … it took forever to get back to Feb 15th of last year… on my FAKE BOOK page and there was no posts on Feb 15th, 2021 and when I tried to click on the theoretical link like this message that I just got – “learn more about our decision and see what you can do” and it went NO WHERE… 

I know that one year ago Feb 13, 2021, I did not make 173 different posts or comments… so apparently anyone who did share a link from my blog a year ago… all those links have been deleted..

I guess we are back to Richard Mark and his harem/tribe of minions when they filed a untold number of complaints with FAKE BOOK that my blog was a spammer.

So far, it would appear that FAKE BOOK has deleted around 500 posts, comments or links to my blog that others shared a year ago.


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  1. I think Facebook should be wiped off of the Internet. Very rarely do I get on Facebook anymore. It seems like their standards are designed to actually support account hackers and scammers. One of my friends accounts was hacked. I reported it, and FAKEBOOK came back and said they didn’t find that any “Community Standards” had been violated. I even turned in the messages the hacker sent to me, trying to scam me out of my money. Facebook needs to go away. They are not trustworthy.

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