Looks like LAME DUCK HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES – are trying to expedite another 1.5 TRILLION spending

 Our country is now some 31+ Trillion dollars in debt.  When Obama came to office Jan, 2009, we were 9 trillion in debt, When Trump came to office we were abt 20 trillion in debt, when Biden came to office we were abt 25 trillion in debt and today< 2 yrs later we are 31+ trillion in debt. In 233 years since our founding we amassed 9 trillion in debt, paying for major wars, the civil war, WW-1, WW-2, Korea, Vietnam and numerous social wars like the war on poverty and the war on drugs. Nearly 20% of our ENTIRE NATIONAL DEBT has been amassed in < 2 yrs. Now Pelosi and the House is trying – in the dark of the night – to add almost another 5% to our national debt… in either BUM’S RUSH or a HAIL MARY PASS… while the House is a LAME DUCK… because the <D> will no longer be in the majority in the house in another EIGHT WEEKS.  The median age of the members of Congress is 60 y/o, 50% of the Congress probably won’t directly have to help pay all this debt down. It is going to be a financial albatross around the neck of our kids and Grand kids

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  1. It’s always the other party messing stuff up causing the so-called “debt” . Look in the mirror. Both parties spend money on their pet projects when they are in power. T****’s team passed a MASSIVE tax cut for the obscenely rich when they had power, and the Democrats spend money on social programs to help everyone else when they are in charge.

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