Lawyers, bureaucrats & judges should not get between a pt and their doctor on medical decisions

I clipped this video to start at abt 3 minutes in the video… to what is the “meat of the matter’

This is a interesting quote from a “my body my choice” side of the political spectrum… I wonder what this person and others in our population with the same opinion, would say if/when they were asked about those same lawyers, bureaucrats & judges getting between a chronic pain pt and their doctor about if/how their pain is – or is not – treated ?

After all it is claimed that Congress is typically 40% attorneys and back in 1969-1970 that passed the Controlled substance act and it was signed into law by an attorney and the enforcement of this law was handed to the DOJ.  Back then – and some people still believe today – that addiction is a choice and there is no mental health issues involved. The only “tool” that the DOJ had to enforce this law, was jail or prison.

The CSA was passed about 4-5 yrs after the Civil Rights Law was passed and addressed discrimination against those with disabilities. I have seen videos of the Governors of NY & CALF, in particular, claiming that they are going to do whatever possible to not let any law get between a pt and their doctor.. in regards to abortions, but I have not heard these same Governors saying anything about chronic pain pts receiving appropriate care in regards to their pain management.

Unless things have changed in NY, that state several years ago imposed a “Rx opiate tax” on prescriptions. It would appear that the puritanical thread in our societal fabric causes bureaucrats to tax something if they can’t ban or abolish a particular product or activity… just look at tobacco, alcohol, gambling.  Over the last couple of decades, it would seem that the bureaucrats and certain GREEDY LAW FIRMS.. have decided that taxing is just not enough…now they are suing a industry for the perceived “damages” that the selling of a otherwise legal product has caused to individuals in our society , and our society as a whole.  I may be wrong, I have not seen any of the money collected from these law suits being shared with those individuals within our society that have theoretically harmed.  The Tobacco settlement in the late 90’s, where the final agreement… the bureaucracies were to put the money they shared into anti-smoking campaigns, nut many states just threw the $$ that they collected into their GENERAL FUND.

When the CDC 2016 opiate dosing guidelines were published, I did not see any state’s Attorney General going to court, to get those guideline declared unconstitutional. So the denial of care and discriminating against chronic pain pts.. is a bipartisan issue ? 

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  2. You bet, it’s one of the few things they can all get behind and agree on. Sad that it takes literal human suffering to unite both sides of the aisle but apparently it does. What’s even sadder is that they’re both pro-human suffering via “doing whatever it takes” to eradicate those evil opioids. Of which, the majority don’t know how to even differentiate, let alone properly address. Show me a politician who is standing up and speaking out for us. There isn’t one. Which is why I’m an Independent when it comes to politics. I’m still waiting. State reps have been flooded with letter from pain patients over the last 6 years or so. I’ve yet to see any action or really anything other than a generic letter citing the “issues”, as if the issues we are facing are naught but trivial. So yeah, I’d say it’s a pretty bipartisan effort. Too bad it isn’t for us instead of against us. Perhaps indirectly, but all the same.

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