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I am not condemning nor condoning what is in this video…  but there so much information out there that is suppose to be backed by SCIENCE…  What I have heard in how COVID-19 pts were treated in the hospitals – somethings… I questioned…  since COVID-19 showed up abt two years ago… the “science” in how those have it… should be treated… changed at least weekly ..if not more often.  At some point in time… the “science” that was used to treat these pts seemed to morph into a form of “political science”.  When we get to a point in time where a autopsy of how COVID-19 pts were treated can be performed… there may be a lot of surprises of how many things were done wrong and how many things that we should have done – were not because they were vilified by those pushing their version of “science”

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  1. I watch Stew Peters every weeknight. I’ve been keeping up with these stories of Genocide. Scott Kwiner (sp) was thankfully moved to a Texas hospital and he’s doing much better, although not out of the woods. His wife was on last night and she looked like a totally different person. All of her stress was gone. Her husband was safe. These stories are a different person every night.

    This is proof, not hearsay, that Covid is a pre-planned genocide and how RICH hospitals are becoming by diagnosing and “treating” ‘Covid’ patients. I don’t remember if it was this episode but he and another doctor or lawyer said that Organ Donors are definitely killed because a human body, parted out, is worth about $164 MILLION. That’s a LOT of money for nothing. Kill a ‘covid’ patient, $2 million payout. That’s why “Medicare is going broke.” Thank you, ACA. The END of healthcare in America. It took away all of OUR Rights and gave ALL of the power to the Alphabet Mafia.

    The general public is being put through a similar genocide as CPPS and seeing that show every night, and all of his guests, is proof. In 2013, we all watched my mother in law being OD’ed on Morphine. She was in her ‘80s and had dementia. ONLY Dementia. She knew she loved her kids but wasn’t quite sure who they were at times. She’d always LOVED our dogs but became afraid of them.

    They had been living in an elder “care” facility, using the money from the many acres of land that she sold when they were no longer able to take care of all of it. The money ran out after about a year and a half or so and she’d become unable to recognize people. I guess the government wasn’t going to pay for their care, even though they’d both worked for decades and paid in to SS. “Hospice” decided it was time for her to go. They kept giving her more and more morphine, although she was NEVER in pain. She wasn’t able to speak, but her eyes said it all. I cry as I write this because I’m seeing it happen all over the country and reliving her last days, before she was murdered. She knew she was being killed but unable to speak. I’ll never forget that day, and I see it happening now, nationwide.

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