Isn’t INTENTIONALLY throwing a pt into cold turkey withdrawal and inflict a torturous level of pain — a human rights violation ?

My state drivers license was suspended unknown to me, to make matters worse my great-grandson took nana’s d.l. for the picture of nana long story short he lost it. We were in the hectic throws of covid, dept of Licensing closed. I went and got veteran’s affairs outreach office to make me a copy of that Driver’s license also included my social security. Card. My pharmacist at took the copy for months (7) now they are refusing unless I have a original drivers license. Because of covid I don’t have a chance of getting a new one. I paid my fines but the drivers license dept is telling me because of covid they have to send it out of state using the picture off my old dl.picture.this will take 6 weeks. I am disabled on social security. My pain meds I have been on for 10 years. I cannot just stop. Pain is constant and I can function with my meds . I have implants that have gone wrong. I need to have surgery, I also have nerve damages, spinal stenosis, nerve damage in my back, Deep vein th. Thyroid disease. Have gone thru therapy, exercises, non-opiod meds. Nothing help. My dr. Had me classified as completely disabled, no Hope’s of going back to my job of 15 years. But also let me tell you when I became aware of my lost of license I did what I could to correct it. Can you advise me? My meds are due 10-19-20. I am afraid of what will happen if I cant find a way to get this copy to be accepted the GOVERNMENT gave me a copy of the original. My script has my photo on it I have my photo on my copy. What more can I do?? Please respond, thank you

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  1. I’m almost in the same boat, I think the only thing that has saved me is that when the pharmacy filled my first few scripts, nobody checked the to see my oit of state license had expired.
    Also due to Covid, I couldn’t renew while in that state, then moved and movers lost my birth certificate, anyway, none of this helps you….

    I’m really sorry, I wish I could offer something other than to say keep trying different pharmacies and if that doesn’twork, if kratom is legal in your state, look for vendor with a lot of good reviews, who has each batch tested independently and is willing to share those results with you.

    That can cut your withdrawal and increased pain down quite a bit. If you buy the crushed leaf powder it’s about $25-35 for 100g and depending on the dose of your meds, could last you a month, using doses for withdrawal, which are generally larger than maintenance doses.

    Buy Red Bali or Red MD.
    Take it on an empty stomach, you can stir into a glass of juice and drink it like a shot. If it upsets your stomach, eat a cracker or half a piece of toast.
    Less is more with this, it’s not like pain meds, where the more you take, the better the effect you get.
    Start slow, a quarter or half a teaspoon. Wait 15 mins, if you dont notice a decrease in symptoms, take another quarter teaspoon and wait 15 mins.

    When I used it I was getting off around 120mg of OxyContin and 60mg of Percocet a day in about 2 weeks with almost no acute withdrawal symptoms, using approx half a tablespoon, 3-6x a day- that I built up to over the course of around 3 days.
    After a few weeks, I lowered the dose of kratom down to a half a tsp.
    I lowered myself too quickly, (back around 2014 I fell for the hyperalgesia scare & all the misinformation & was trying to see if my pain was “real”. It was, and is).
    But it was the easiest withdrawal I ever went through.

    Do not take a big dose all at once. If you take too much you’ll become violently ill, and that’s what you’re trying to avoid.
    For more info go to and Google “The Kratom Bible”.

    I’m not saying this is a solution, just a band-aid that could help until you get your ID sorted out.

    Do your own research and don’t beleive the lies about people dying from it. Just like marijuana, no one has died from just kratom.
    Please do your own research though, Idk what your meds or your diagnoses and this is just meant to be a quick starter tutorial.

    Wishing the best of luck

  2. I think there is a piece to this puzzle missing. Here in Michigan we’ve been locked down since March including the DMV. I renewed my license with a change of address and auto tabs online. I got a new driver’s license with my last photo on it in about 3 weeks. Either this guy doesn’t have an internet access or a credit card, seems like someone could have helped him to obtain it. Regardless the pharmacist sounds like he has an agenda.

  3. I live in a small town our local DMV has also closed down due to covid but there’s one open about an hours drive a way but by appt only. My suggestion to you is to locate via Google the closest DMV thats open by appt and get in there and get it done as soon as possible.
    Best Wishes

  4. In this world of copy copy copy wouldnt you think the pharmacy would have a pic of this gentlemen along with the script in there system? Unless im reading this wrong it seems to me this “pharmacist” would rather play “police” rather than helping a customer out with his dilemma.. I hope you find a compassionate “human” that can help you out an deal with you as a “human” instead of a “number” smh

    • Is your local DMV closed? If not, can you get a state ID, not a driver’s license? Otherwise do you have any other form of photo ID? Honestly, this sounds like a pharmacist that simply doesn’t want to do their job! Especially when you have already provided it many times (7!) previously. Or, could you possibly call your doctor and explain the situation and ask if you could go to a different pharmacy? You should also call the pharmacists manager to discuss the issue. The government did provide you with the copies, so it might be a good idea to talk to a representative at the office that prided the copies, they may have paperwork that says that it’s your only option at the moment and should be used like a regular license because of the pandemic. These are the first things that come to mind. I wish you luck! Oddly, I don’t remember ever having to show a pharmacist my photo ID, not even when picking up controlled medications for my husband! This pharmacist sounds like he/she is on a power trip! Best of luck!

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