Indian physician, Richard Arjun Kaul sues State of New Jersey in India

Kaul sues State of New Jersey in India

On May 2, 2021, Indian physician, Richard Arjun Kaul, filed a lawsuit (Kaul v State of New Jersey/Allstate/Christie-K11-5) in the Indian High Court, against the State of New Jersey, Allstate Insurance Company and ex-New Jersey Governor, Christopher J. Christie, in which Kaul accuses the Defendants of engineering policies of racial discrimination against Indian physicians. The action details the way the Defendants targeted ethnic minority physicians for civil and criminal prosecution, in order to eradicate debt and increase corporate/executive profit, and the disproportionate number of Indian physicians in American jails. Kaul brings attention to the unseen carnage caused to the physicians’ families by the Defendants crimes, and how, through judicial corruption, they have evaded justice in America.

“… Defendant Allstate, in approximately 1998 commenced the engineering of a policy of racial discrimination, that selectively targeted successful Indian healthcare providers for civil and criminal prosecutions for alleged healthcare fraud.”

“Defendant, Allstate, in seeking to attempt to conceal its crimes of racial discrimination/judicial corruption/bribery/political corruption/fraud/kickbacks has manufactured its own Internet Service Provider, and maintains its own servers, through which it conducts the affairs of its criminal enterprise.”

“Defendant Allstate uses Allstate India, and thus the nation of India, to launder the proceeds of its American criminal enterprise. Defendant Allstate, a corporation linked to Lloyd’s of London, is attempting to exact the same injury on India, as was covertly conducted by the English East India Company in the 17th century, in which India was robbed of its mineral resources.”

K11-5 seeks monetary compensation in excess of $9 billion, ninety-percent (90%) of which will be used to establish educational/healthcare programs in India, Africa and the US.


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  1. Dr. Kaul is a pioneering micro-disc repair surgeon, inventing procedures that have been inserted into standard medical practice for a while. Pretty HUGE suit… An even bigger expose… Whoa!

  2. I just dropped a comment at Christie’s FB page telling him to leave Dr. Kaul alone. They (NJ) are after him for opiates too, right?

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