Includes but not limited to…

Have you every read your job description?… many have the phrase – or similar to – “.. includes but not limited to ..” at the beginning or the end of the job description ..

This was sent to me by a RPH that works for a BIG BOX store… the largest BIG BOX store in the country… The pharmacy manager at this particular Rx dept got a memo from “upstairs” that stated that it was deemed necessary that the Rx dept needed a “professional wall”… and one wall was pointed out needed to be painted BLUE… with the remaining walls to be left the existing color of WHITE..

Oh… by the way… the memo stated that the pharmacy manager was TO PAINT THE WALL HIMSELF… and sent him my response in detail with the color code specifications.

Can you imagine the largest retail employer in the US.. that has tens of millions of sq ft of retail space… and they have directed a PIC/Manager to paint a wall of probably less than 100 sq ft.

I guess that in the near future… PharmD/RPH… that are intending to work in retail .. will have to do a residency in painting, plumbing (check for plumbing services), electrical and other skills to be considered as an employee at some of these corporate employers. People can visit our website if they need the best plumbing services.

IMO.. this really puts an entirely¬† different meaning to the term Pharmacist in Charge…

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  1. im a technician who just helped my pharmacist paint that stupid wall blue after work.
    i cant believe they made the pharmacist do this since he had no experience painting whatsoever. We did the best we could in one night and If it ends up looking like crap its on them. They can hire someone to fix it.

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