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Pharmacist gets $500,000 in Rite Aid whistleblower case


From the article:

Rite Aid Corp. recently agreed to pay $2.99 million to settle federal charges it used gift cards to entice Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries to transfer their prescriptions to its pharmacies.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, from 2008 to 2010, Rite Aid “knowingly and improperly” influenced the decisions of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries to transfer their prescriptions by offering them gift cards.

The case stemmed from allegations made by pharmacist Jack Chin. The Justice Department said that as a whistleblower, Chin is entitled to $508,300 of the funds recovered from Rite Aid.

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  1. The number of disagreements I would get into with another RPh about using the Rx coupons on Medicare scripts at a retail place I worked at for a short time. I refused and he did and other pharmacists did. It states on the back of the cards. I decided I wouldnt and they would be caught during and audit and the claw backs would be huge

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