I am in the process of building a HUGE advocate your chronic pain website campaign

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Will you HELP for the cause?
In chronic pain and LOST your MEDICATIONS or had them greatly REDUCED? Get support and advocate @

I am in the process of building a HUGE advocate your chronic pain website campaign; one which will be THE voice of advocacy for ALL chronic pain sufferers in the U.S. to fight the loads of legislation occurring all throughout the country at this time. This fake “opioid epidemic” is just that — FAKE! What we have is an illicit Fentanyl overdose epidemic — plain and simple!

I am trying to get my members to shoot a 3 or so minuet video of themselves to be put on this chronic pain sufferers website, which will then be used as a vehicle to spread our message to the political parties and general public alike, that the chronic pain patients are the TRUE ones suffering as a result of this crackdown of opiate medications. The illicit drug market is the reason for so many opiate overdoses and deaths. It just took my younger brother last year, as a matter of fact.

But his death was due to the illicit Fentanyl/Heroin drug trade. There is a BIG, HUGE difference between opiate medications for the chronic pain sufferers versus those opiates on the streets.

So please, join me in this cause! As a chronic pain patient myself at the ripe ole’ age of 43, unfortunately I know all too well just how dire and imperative my opiate medications are to me and my everyday quality of life. If this is the case with you, in pain daily, advocating when you are in pain can be a daunting task. C.O.R.E is fighting WITH you and trying to give you a VOICE in this fight!

More information coming in exactly HOW to shoot your testimonial video and WHAT questions to answer! All I would like to know is this … will you participate by shooting your own small testimonial video?

Kind Regards,
Sheri Owen. 🌷

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  1. I will shoot a video of pain and torture from pharmacys

  2. Would love to help in any way I can.. Also have a poem I wrote that really get the point across.. I wrote it when I was hit by a chronic pain nightmare.. Thank you for all your doing.

  3. I will try but am severely technologically challenged! Hopefully with help I can figure it out

  4. I joined and THANK YOU for being on our side of this war on chronic pain patients!!!!!!

  5. Yes

  6. Yes! Just need instructions!

  7. I’d be happy to help myself and others. We are not alone in this fight. Please let us know how we can do video.

  8. I am going to post tomorrow! I have a vlog and have occasional videos about the issues. I’m in extreme pain and medicine always being reduced. My quality of life continues to deteriorate while our government wants nothing but to make it worse. Thank you for your work exactly what I’ve been looking to be part of!

  9. When is it needed by?
    Is there a particular format that you want it to be in?
    Yes, I think I am able to do it

  10. I sure as heck will try!! Im not tech savvy but will try and figure it out. Thank you !!

  11. I had stage IV esophageal cancer, 33 rounds of radiation, 11 rounds of Chemotherapy, a feeding tube and 2 major esophageal operations a year ago. A few weeks after my last surgery, I was taken off all my pain medications cold turkey. The Drs explained that the health care company they worked for had changed to an opioid-free policy. The suffering I experienced was horrendous. I contemplated suicide, but am raising my 14 yr old son alone and couldn’t leave him, so I hung tough. Finally after months of suffering, a kindly addiction Dr put me on Subutex and helped me find a new Dr who would again prescribe real pain meds again. It was a rough few months, but it finally happened. There are people out there who have and are still suffering because of this false narrative about an opioid crisis. People like myself, who do not abuse their quality of life medications and are yet cut off. This is cruel. Chronic and cancer pain patients are not overdosing and dropping dead. It is illegal Fentanyl and Heroin that is killing people, not pain medications legally prescribed. The suicide rate is climbing among pain patients. I found it easier to get addiction medicine than pain medication, despite not being a junkie. The addiction Dr said I wasn’t a dope addict, but he said what had been done to me was unethical. God Bless him for helping me. But this stuff needs to stop. It is draconian and cruel.

  12. I wish someone would build a site or link or do something other then Using Facebook and in turn making people use Facebook so they can make money off us and possibly sell out info again. I will not use Facebook again but would love to help in uncovering this Fake Opioid issue and getting truthful data out there.

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