Hopefully this little girl will be able to have another Xmas with her family ?

We did well for this little lady today! ❤️ It’s not over yet and we still have a road ahead of us! Over a year ago this child was 7 years old and amazed us with her knowledge of Plato, Socrates, Warner, Twain, Hemingway, Orwell, and Dickson! She plays classic piano Beethoven, Chopin, Amadeus! Now she’s 9 a few days ago and even smarter! She also has terminal brain cancer and is in pain 24/7! In her short breaks of relief she still finds time to be brilliant! This little girl is on hospices and can’t see her 1/2 brother and sister because of her immune system is compromised. She’s smart enough to realize how screwed the system is for sure. She’s an amazing young lady who’s ready for what lies after this life is over. She also deserved to be treated appropriately and the medical system and the government have failed her miserably! We need to do better in America for these children! They shouldn’t need someone to fight and complain to a doctor no older than my kids to prescribe pain medication because cancer decided to pick on her! Sad and confused I bet most 9 year old don’t understand why they don’t get treated properly! Unfortunately she understands all to well. It’s hard not to want to wish this fate of terminal cancer on the ones who inflicted these awful laws and guidelines in the first place. Something tell me the same people making these laws get treated just fine. Senators and Congressman get treated just fine…. While a 9 year old suffers with a life ending illness she couldn’t have foreseen or prevented! Damn shame! Our Country best open their eyes soon! We have to stop torturing pain patients and especially kids! 😫


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  1. This is so heartbreaking. This lovely little girl deserves better! Whomever her doctors are should be ashamed of themselves for not treating this little girl like she deserves. They took an oath not to harm and here is this young lady suffering with terminal cancer and knowing her fate and the doctors can’t even make her feel comfortable when she needs them the most. It honestly should be illegal to do this kind of harm to a child! She sounds so brave and so smart and my heart goes out to her and her family. I’m so sorry she doesn’t get to see her brothers ,and I’m sorry she’s being mistreated by the medical system. American does need to do better! No one deserves this treatment especially a kid!! This is unethical, unacceptable , this is medical abuse imo.

  2. Do they even have algorithms for children? There’s your problem. Sweetie, have a great Christmas. I am so glad you are so smart.
    Thanks, Steve.

  3. This angers me and also makes me sorry for my own complaints about losing my pain doc. BTW, I was 6 years old when I began feeling pain and went 54 years b4 getting relief. This little girl deserves better and needs it NOW!

  4. I used to feel like I was a fairly good person; I tried to be good to others, treat them as I wished to be treated, not wish harm upon them. Well, that’s sure changed. For years now, I’ve been wishing eternal, untreated agony on every single ^!!$%&^@!! who has forced so many of us to live –and die– in unbearable agony. It was hard enough to watch my mother die with the excruciating bone pain of leukemia, with zero pain relief. I nearly lost my mind, seeing her suffer like that. I can not begin to imagine what it’d be like watching your young child go through such agony when they could at least have their pain relieved…if we didn’t live in a country controlled by liars, frauds, & greedy, “money before all” parasites.

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